Thug Kitchen 001: Quinoa Oatmeal.

As I mentioned in another post, the boyfriend and I got a copy of one of Thug Kitchen‘s excellent Cookbooks for Christmas, and I’ve decided to go ahead and make every recipe in the book, even the ones with disgusting eggplant, and then blog about it because that’s just what people do. So, yesterday, since I had the day off and he didn’t need to be to work until later, we had time to take our daily oatmeal up a notch with the first recipe in the book, Quinoa Oatmeal.

By the book vs. All dressed up.

Ultimately, it was pretty damn good. I won’t be posting the recipes themselves because I want to encourage people to get the book or at least explore their website because Thug Kitchen is awesome and deserves your support. I will say that this recipe was pretty simple: steel-cut oats, quinoa, a little coconut oil, salt, and almond milk. You pretty much toss it all together and let it simmer for a bit, so it’ll only be made on days when we have the time, otherwise it’s the regular old quick oats that we’d previously been consuming. But I loved the idea of toasting the oats before cooking them and the quinoa gave it a great texture and added protein, a nice bonus for all those people who turn into protein police when they find out you’re vegan.

As you can see, we also dressed the oatmeal up a little bit more with some apples, brown sugar, and cinnamon, but, honestly, the oatmeal by itself has a really nice flavor that I wouldn’t have minded eating just by itself. And I also want to add, because I know my mother is probably reading this, my mother who surely remembers me declaring very firmly and confidently, “OATMEAL MAKES ME PUKE!!!”

Well, look at me now, Mom. Oatmeal is awesome. If you haven’t before, try a little quinoa in it, because it’s really good and pretty good for you, too.

Next up is Mixed Veggie and Tofu Chilaquiles. They’re going to be bomb as fuck.

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