Books and Short Stories.

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Most Recent:

“Black Stones”

The Sirens Call Spring 2022

(free PDF ezine)


The Slayer Saga

Soulless (Volume One) $0.99 ebook, $8.60 paperback
Heartless (Volume Two) $0.99 ebook, $8.50 paperback

Short Story Collections

Bowlful of Bunnies 2012 $0.99 ebook, $5.69 paperback

World Unknown Review

Literary Journal

Volume I (2014) $0.99 ebook, $8.18 paperback
featuring Miriam Sagan, Robert Robinson, Shan Jeniah Burton, Joe Bellamy, D.J. Lutz, Fallon Brown, Wesley J. Connell, Michael C. Smith, Luther M. Siler, Bilal Rahmani, and Nicholas Conley.

Volume II (2015) $0.99 ebook, $9.25 paperback
featuring Garrett Marco, Russell Proctor, S.L. Dixon, Luther M. Siler, Shan Jeniah Burton, Helen Mihajlovic, Jennifer White, Shawn Proctor, Adam L. Bealby, and Fallon Brown.

Volume III (2016) $0.99 ebook, $7.83 paperback
featuring Adam L. Bealby, James Wylder, Sarah Gribble, Robert Allen Lupton, Ribhu, Max D. Stanton, Nick Manzolillo, Lena Ng, Rick Ewing, and Karen Heslop.

Other Publications

“Laura and Ollie” The First Line Vol. 17 Issue 2, Summer 2015

“Lady of the Masks” Pulp Modern, May 2017

“Damsel in Distress” Phantaxis Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine December 2016

“Spring Thaw” Ghostlight: The Magazine of Terror, Winter 2016

“The Space Between Worlds” Bards and Sages Quarterly, April 2017

“Comfort Food” The Tishman Review October 2019

“Ursula” Two Eyes Open June 2017

“Gravedigger” Adelaide Magazine January 2018

“Magic Fingers” aois21 annual October 2017

“The Old Barn Door” The Sirens Call eZine February 2017

“Black Stones” Siren’s Call eZine Spring 2022

Short Stories Free on the Web

“The Alley” via The Saturday Evening Post
“Hack” via The Saturday Evening Post

“The Wartburg Incident” via Bewildering Stories

“Gravedigger” via Adelaide Magazine


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