“Black Stones” in The Sirens Call

My short story, “Black Stones” is included in The Sirens Call Spring 2022 publication!

I’m very happy to announce that my short story, “Black Stones” (which has previously appeared in my short story collection Bowlful of Bunnies a million years ago) is one of the many great stories in the Spring 2022 The Sirens Call magazine! The magazine is free to download and will deifnitely keep you reading for a while, with a very vast selection of tales.

This particular one is the story of a young man who becomes utterly consumed by a quest to build himself a bridge of the titular black stones across a dangerous waterway, with the hopes that it will lead him to the tower looming off the shore and into the arms of the princess believed to dwell within. Obsession and persistence drive the story as it does its main character, and he is determined to reach his goal…no matter what the cost may be!

I’ve always enjoyed the frenetic energy of this piece, and I hope you will, too! I haven’t had a chance to read many of the other stories featured in the magazine yet, but if you happen to come across one you’d particularly recommend, please share it with me here! But definitely check out “Black Stones” first!

One comment

  1. Congrats! I downloaded a copy but there are a LOT of stories. I’ll definitely be reading “Black Stones” first.

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