Work has definitely been kicking my butt lately. Our little sub-department has exactly four employees in it. Four. Our supervisor, one full timer, two part timers. It works pretty well, but when someone gets injured or sick, things get a little crazy. And it just so happens that our full timer is the one out for the count for at least a month, thanks to an already bad back being agitated to serious status. This means the bulk of her hours gets spread between me and the other part timer, so that we’re now essentially fully timers until she’s back on the job. I’ll happily take the extra work because it means more money, but, boy does it really bite into my writing! I’m still getting stuff done, but it’s at a mere fraction of what I could be doing if it wasn’t for the current work situation.

So today was my first day off after more work days in a row than I’m used to working, and it’s a full day off, too, meaning that the boyfriend works today, so that I have some time to myself. Naturally, this excites me, especially considering the week coming up is going to be rougher and longer hours for me than the week before it. So I think to myself, “Sweet, I’ll get up nice and early and I’m going to do so much reading and I’ll blow through my writing work and maybe even finally get a story finished!” Then the alarm goes off. I hit snooze. I do not wake up until at least an hour and a half later than I had originally intended. An hour and a half. There is so much work that can be done in an hour and a half, and I squandered it by getting some much needed sleep that probably still wasn’t as much as I should have.

Aarrrg. Almost every time I have a genuine day off and I get stoked about being all productive by getting up early, I always sleep in. Like I said, I’m sure I needed it and I’m better off for it, but it’s still a little frustrating. Still, I’ve managed to get some solid stuff done in the time I did have, and I still have the rest of the day to accomplish even more.

Let’s have a look at the past week, and a look into the week ahead.

Reading: I cracked open Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes this morning, wondering if perhaps I should have waited for October, but it is a really rainy, wet, autumnal day here in Chicagoland, despite it being winter. Just as his Dandelion Wine is a read-every-summer book for me, I have a feeling Something Wicked will be a read-every-October book. I haven’t managed to finish anything yet, but I’m pretty close to wrapping up Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s Room from last year’s batch.

Writing: As of last week’s post, I had been averaging out a rejection a day, probably as various editorial staffs brush off the holidays and get cracking on the new year, but they’ve really petered out since then, crushing my dreams of having 365 rejections this year, one for each day (but, hey, I could potentially have a soul-crushing catch up day). They pretty much stopped on the ninth, and the only letter I’ve had come in since then was an acceptance. That’s right, an acceptance! Dark Fuse Magazine has expressed an interest in publishing my horror flash fiction, “Late Night Snack,” so I’m just waiting on a contract from them. So with that acceptance and “2:00 am” from 50 Word Stories earlier in the year, I’m averaging an acceptance a week! I wouldn’t mind that trend keeping up!

I’m still plugging away at Fearless, wrapping up a kind of bizarre chapter about zombies and sex (it makes sense in context, I swear!), and heading toward the final exciting conclusion. I worked a little on Rosewood Manor, too, because, dammit, that book needs to be published. Almost finished with the rough draft of a short story for an anthology I was invited to participate in, and the daily starts have been getting a lot of juices flowing, even if I haven’t been finishing much. I have been maintaining my “Submit One Story a Day” goal, though, which means a lot of days of spewing out some quick flash fiction to those markets when I haven’t got anything meatier to send. But these flashes aren’t too bad, and I have ideas to expand them if they get rejected. I have a few longer pieces on the edge of being finished. I need to just buck up and complete them already.

‘Rithmatic: Last year, my boyfriend shared with me something he read on reddit the other day, that even just five push-ups a day will eventually add up. He’s taken it to heart, and I’ve decided I will, too, only with me, it’s sit-up because my mid-section is my trouble area, and I try to do ten because five just doesn’t seem enough. I’m also trying to watch the late-night snacking and snacking in general (I bought a bag of oranges and I have one of those a day, and I really think they’re helping to curb craving), and my weight has been fluctuating like crazy, but with a downward trend. So that’s exciting, even if it could just be hormones.

One of the things we got for Christmas was a copy of the Thug Kitchen Official Cookbook, the coolest god-damn vegan cookbook you’ll ever find, and I’ve been wanting to start cooking up each recipe in it and reporting back on how they go on the blog, but I’ve been lazy about picking up quinoa and steel cut oats for the first one. But I’m planning it, so don’t be surprised when I start doing more cooking stuff again.

And we say La La Land. Far from perfect, but, man, what an emotional wallop! There were so many things that I just absolutely loved about this movie, especially the inspiration to follow your dreams and be passionate about something. I highly recommend it to anyone with a creative streak and dream to follow.

I feel I’m forgetting something else I wanted to share this Monday, but it clearly wasn’t important enough if it slipped my mind. Oh well. I’m excited to see what else I can accomplish today, but, really, if I’m being honest, I’ll probably waste a ton of time getting frustrated with Quest for Glory, and then soothing my wounds with Roller Coaster Tycoon.

How’s your day, week, month, year going so far? I’m ready to get out there with the best intentions, and then categorically squander by day! Huzzah!


  1. I may have to try the 10 sit-ups a day thing. I have this mini-stepper that I try to use for at least 10-15 minutes a day. More than that and my knees hurt too bad.
    My writing’s going pretty well so far. Almost finished with the first draft of In the Moonlight, which I started last May. And making progress on some other stories.

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