L.S. Engler is a writer, dreamer, creator and editor working outside of Chicago in the company of two cats and three rowdy young men.

Her books include Bowlful of Bunnies and The Slayer Saga, which includes Soulless and Heartless. The final book Fearless will arrive in August 2016.

She is the editor of World Unknown Review, which is accepting submissions for the 2016 edition. Previous editions include 2014 and 2015.

She can be reached on this blog, via email at ellis.engler@gmail.com, or on twitter @lsengler. She’s also obsessed with posting pretty things on tumblr.


  1. I think I figured out how to make a comment. BTW, I caught a typo on your about us page. The FC journal was 10:29.

    And, did you hear the FC people that took over after we left lost funding? The new little president contacted me about about and i gave him a plan. he refused to do the plan so I sent him an email yealling at him and he never wrote back.

    • I wonder if I’ve been remembering it wrong for quite a while now, and I’ve lost touch with most of the people from FC, to be honest. Such is the way with a lot of those kinds of publications, though. The second issue they released, though, was incredible. I’m grateful I had the chance to see that one.

    • Ha! Well, it is such a pretty layout!

      I don’t know if I myself am experienced enough to have an apprentice, but welcome aboard all the same! A writer without fellow writer companions is like a writer without arms: you can still manage to write, but it’s a lot more work and a little less fun.

      • I agree with the metaphor. It is truly a little less fun.
        Can I have your IM then? It doesn’t matter if your pro or not, just want to have a budding writer. But I have to warn your though, I am really a total newbie 😦

        • I’m on AIM: Skylie1313 I’ll warn you in return, though, I’m not on very often.

          We’ve all got to start somewhere, right? Just keep on it, and you’ll be not-newbie soon enough!

  2. Thanks for your recent comment on my blog, LS. I’d like tick your ‘Follow Me’ button since, having now read a few of your posts, I think you have something to offer. But I can’t find the button!

    • Heeeh, yeaaaah, me and technology aren’t the best of friends. I’m still trying to figure out how to get half of this stuff working. One of these days, I’m sure I’ll get it worked out. Until then, it’s the thought that counts, so thank you!

  3. Hi…It’s been….years. I thought of you today…I thought about you and the brief, albeit memorable, amount of time we spent together. I thought about the snow, and getting stuck in drive ways, and elftown, and hookers in D&D, and anime’s about lesbians in wonderland….and about how much I’m sure we have changed. Time flies when you are not around to see it move.

    I don’t know what made me miss you today. There is just something about you that draws me to you every so often. Some spark of the time we spent together begging to be light. Though, I guess all of this would make more sense had I started by telling you who I am….but where is the mystery in that?

    I miss you Skylie. It has been far to long and we have spent far to many times just exchanging random hellos over the years. Send me an email (jrobin17@gmail.com) and lets catch up.

    Much love,
    Jonathan D. Robinson

  4. Hi – aside from you nominating me for a blog award, I like your blog, and try to visit when I can. I’m therefore passing on a “Candle Lighter award” / “One lovely blog award” nomination. The rules don’t seem to be as clear but you can pass it on as you wish “should you choose to accept this nomination. – Keep up the good work, and hope your other projects / editing are coming along well.

    Details here: http://brainsplats.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/yikes-blog-awards-for-me/

  5. Hello L.S. Engler Thank you for being so upfront and honest in your blog Look forward to reading more.
    Thanks Cyril

  6. I just came across your glowing review of my photo Island in the Sky…it is really great to know that a photo I take can inspire that kind of thought/wonder in another…thanks, this made my day….

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