Stardate: Sept 5, 2016.

Hooray for Mondays! Those of you who have been paying attention know that I’ve been doing a “reset” every Monday, where I sort of sit down, take account of everything I’ve been doing, and start up on some new things to keep everything fresh and exciting. This Monday’s a little different. It’s Labor Day, a holiday, but I’m actually working today, which is not the usual case. I get that it’s because I’m a lower-paid employee in my department and it’s a holiday, so it’s a lot cheaper to have me working instead of someone else, but it does shake things up a bit. I still have the morning, though, and that’s when I get the FUN work done, so it’s all good. I just can’t be lazy afterwords like I usually am.

Reading: I didn’t get a book finished this week, as I try to finish at least one book a week, mostly because The Marriage Plot, while very good, is also very DENSE, so that ate up a lot reading time and energy. I did, however, find my missing Galapagos, so that’s back in the rotation, and I started up Terry Pratchett’s Witches Abroad, reminding myself that it’s been far too long before I cracked open a Pratchett. This one is easily among my favorites (which is what I say about most of them), and I think anyone who loves fairy tale retellings needs to pick it up yesterday. I’m hoping to get at least Night Train to Memphis finished for the week.

Writing: The rejection count ticked up to 10 as of yesterday, with no acceptances yet. Two a week’s not a bad pace, because it allows me to turn some stories around and send out to other places, while I try to churn out a few new ones. I’ve been keeping steady on the submission-a-day goal, which is awesome, but I’ve got some big deadlines creeping up on me, making me sweat a little. Today, I started up a story for The First Line that I really kind of love right now, and I’ve still got to type up my little yarn about a guy who’s afraid to fly. I’m going to strive to finish up the story about growing out of our perceptions of idealized romance, though I’ve been striving for that for a while now.

‘Rithmatic: Weight: still stagnant. At least it hasn’t gone up, so maybe I’m just doomed to this weight for a while, though I know I can do better. Two pieces of toast last night probably didn’t help. Whoopsies! But they were delicious. Worth it.

Managed to get a hike in this week, though not nearly as much as I thought I would with the four days off I had (it was a busy week). This week looks a little more promising; I’ve got at least two tentatively scheduled. No big plans on the horizon, though my schedule is all out of whack, so that’s probably for the best. It’s definitely going to be a One-Day-at-a-Time sort of week. And that’s okay. But I do have epic nachos to look forward to for lunch today.

How’s everyone else’s week looking? Does your life tend to speed up with the approach of fall or does it slow down a little? Have you had any pumpkin spice stuff yet (I, resolutely, have not).


  1. I love how you keep submitting, and you don’t freak out over rejections. Everyone gets rejections; it’s part of the writing life if you aren’t completely self-publishing. Go you! Something will click soon!

    Ah, the exercise. I really need to get back to that.

    And the pumpkin spice stuff? No! I love pumpkin pie and other stuff, but I don’t really like the spice part. I don’t even put pumpkin pie spice in my pumpkin pie! Lol

    • If there’s anything that going to college and getting a degree in this stuff has taught me, it’s how to handle a constructive criticism and how to not take rejection personally, and that alone made the price of admission worth it for me. The story of Stephen King and his nail of rejections also has been a big encouragement for me, too. You really do have to just keep putting stuff out there, be patient, and, eventually, something will stick.

      And now I really want pumpkin pie. It might be time for breakfast.

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