New Featured Story for September!

Even if we’re three days into it, I’d like to welcome you all to the month of September! I honestly don’t know where August went; I swear, it was right here a second ago, but I’m really glad I can start getting excited about Halloween now without getting side-eyed by people who think August is too early. With a new month, of course, comes a new featured story from last year’s World Unknown Review. This month, perfect for back-to-school and the approaching Halloween spirit, I’m happy to bring you “The Courier,” a modern eldritch tale of sticking your nose where it really doesn’t belong from Shawn Proctor. It’s a real nice creepy tale to read in the dark, and, almost a year later, I still can’t get those brides out of my head! An interview with Shawn will be arriving later in the month.

This is also a good time to drop another reminder that if you want to have a story featured with a bomb-ass interview, consider submitting for Volume III of the World Unknown Review! I have officially beaten last year’s numbers for submissions, which, of course, only leaves me hungry for more. Already, I can tell it’s going to be a great issue, and you still have until October 31st to be a part of it it. I’ve also managed to get submissions from nine different countries so far on five different continents. So if you live in South America or Antarctica, I’d especially like to hear from you. It’s going to be great, guys. And there’s still two more months left!

Happy reading! Or writing! Or hopefully both!

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