New Featured Story and Other Tidbits.

We’re heading into my favorite month (because it’s my birthday month!), which means we have a new Featured Story from the 2015 World Unknown Review. This time, we step into the aftermath of an apocalypse with the rather humble and fantastic S.L. Dixon in his story “The Grind.” The aftermath of massive, world-destroying events is a popular topic among WUR readers and writers, but “The Grind” stood out for me because it’s so much more than just an apocalypse. It’s a love story grounded in heartbreaking reality, and it had me hooked since the first withering mention of Beans. Please check it out, as well as Shawn’s website to find more of his works. Keep an eye on the blog, too, where an interview I had with him to discuss this great piece will surface soon.

In other news, just this morning, I’ve received word that my story “Red and White,” a retelling of the classic “Snow White and Rose Red” fairy tale, is a finalist for Neoglyphic Entertainment’s Neoverse Short Story Writing Competition. I am particularly stoked about this because it’s a great honor to make it to a finalist among several thousands of other stories, especially with a story that I’d shopped around for quite some time now. It just goes to show, even if I don’t win (which would be pretty awesome, because those are some sweet cash money prizes there), you shouldn’t ever give up. The short story market requires some talent, but there’s also a big factor of the right manuscript landing on just the right desk at just the right time.

And, finally, we finally got a new refrigerator for the new apartment! The one it came with was pretty much a health hazard, and, after a bit of back and forth with the landlord and various maintenance guys, we got a new one, it’s bigger than the last, it works, it’s clean, and we can start eating like normal people again. Time to do all the cooking! And not touch any “just add hot water” food for at least a week.

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