Filler Up!

I am an extremely lucky person: the only time I ever really experience writer’s block is with this blog. More often than not, I just don’t have enough interesting ideas to share on a general scale. Oh, there’s plenty of story ideas in my head. Far too many, as a matter of fact. But those go out on the paper and are really only relevant when they’re ready or published. Book reviews are nice, but I don’t currently have a book I recently finished (actually, no, I take that back, I just finished Catching Fire, but I’m not emotionally ready for a post about that one yet). And I have my interview with March’s featured story author S.L. Dixon all ready to go, but my last post was about the featured stories, and I can’t have two posts in a row on the same topic, I just can’t, so what is there left to do? I want to get the interview up, but my weird little rules for myself get in the way.

Which is why I semi-proudly bring you (ba-ba-ba-BAAAH!) the filler post! Please to enjoy this post that has absolutely nothing to do about anything that is mostly just here to give into my arbitrary obsession with things that don’t really matter in the long run.

I will probably use this post to at least be happy about the fact that the apartment is finally starting to get settled in, though (sorry, Mom!), still a ways to being complete. Yesterday was my first Sunday off that was spent mostly at home, so I was sad to discover that, apparently, there are no church bells at the church next door, and I spent a good portion of the time at home shaking my head at the impatient people at the intersection right outside who can’t wait two seconds after the light changes to start honking their horns at whoever is in front of them. Calm down, people. That two seconds isn’t going to adjust your arrival time that much.

Also, I got an influx of rejection letters yesterday and the day before. By law of averages, that means I should have some good news coming soon, too, right? RIGHT? Fingers crossed! Next week should bring news on that contest I’m up for, and I’ve still got at least a dozen other things in the ether right now. We shall see… I’m going back to playing Final Fantasy Tactics and blazing through The Slayer Saga: Heartless for the rest of the day…and Maybe just maybe, even getting some laundry done (hahahahaha, okay, right).


    • Oof, what I wouldn’t give to be a book-a-month author, but I’m way, way too slow. Thank goodness for World Unknown Review, or else I don’t think I’d have hardly anything to post about more often than not.

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