Author Quotes: Bradbury.

“Love is easy, and I love writing.” -Ray Bradbury.

And I love Ray Bradbury (though I could really stand to have read more of his work). He’s easily the most quoted author on my blog, and I keep stumbling across more kernels of wisdom from him, making me decide that I would have really loved to have coffee with this guy. The thing I love most about this particular quote is its simplicity. When you love something, it becomes easy (even when it’s hard). It’s the whole reason why I haven’t been feeling like I’ve been “working” lately, because I’m working on something I love so much, I could practically puke.

Of course, it’s not all fluffy snuggles and adoration. Like any relationship, there’s some rough patches, too, when the writing seems to get really hard or you get that awful artist feeling that everything you create is crap. Just like any relationship, romantic, familial, you name it, it has its ups and down. But, because you love these people, despite the troubles, the good definitely outweighs the bad.

When you find what you love, embrace it. I happen to love writing, and so I’m blessed to have finally been able to tap into that and make it the focus of my life and my work. Some people take a whole lifetime to realize this, so I’m also glad I’ve finally “woken” up and seized the chance.

Do you love writing like Bradbury and me? Do you find it easy (for the most part!) as well? What else do you love that makes it easy to do? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I love writing too, and like you I love, love, love Bradbury. I think what I love about him was his unadulterated love and enjoyment or writing. In interviews you can see just how much fun he has writing. For me the quote “I want you to envy me my joy” says it all.

    There are few pleasures quite like that feeling when the writing flows and you know you are creating something good!

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