RoW80 Update: The Kickstarter Saga.

Okay, so, today is yet another “sort-of” RoW80 update, because it’s focusing on a single goal and a single thing rather than a few of them. You may have noticed on my last update that I finished my goal of getting the first draft of Soulless edited and sent out to beta readers. Now that that was finished, it was time to kick it up a notch and get my Kickstarter…err…kickstarted.

This is definitely my first venture into crowdfunding, so it’s going to be an interesting journey for me, but I’ve been looking forward to trying it since I first heard about Kickstarter three years ago at a Wizard World convention. I set my goal way low because, if you don’t make your goal, you don’t get anything, and even if each one of my blog followers just put in $1, I’d easily make my $100 mark (though I know a lot of my 300+ followers are just bots). Still, there are some pretty nifty incentives for those willing to donate more than $1, most of which include copies of my books and great promotional opportunities for fellow authors, including full-page “ads” and book review opportunities.

Please take a moment to look into the Kickstarter and consider contributing. The money earned through this program will help me pay for giving Soulless the professional treatment: professional editing, a professionally done cover, as well as marketing tools to help me better spread the word and get that book out there. Every little bit counts, and you have the chance to get some pretty nifty stuff for your efforts, as well. Any questions, just let me know! Thanks again, everyone!

Happy writing!

And check out my fellow RoWers here, too!


  1. best of luck, I hope the kickstarter of yours would bear forth fruit. The general concept of the cover looks promising. The premise is interesting. Being original is easier said than done.

    I would be interested in reading your edited draft. But I’m leery in posting my email. You know how some folks are, spam one in one thousand one ways.

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