Rabbit-Hole Writing Prompt No. 1.

Over at Mark, Mark posts a lot of very cool, very random images, some of which I find too inspirational to ignore. The other day, he posted this beauty:

And I thought, “How perfect!” The imagery, to me, was very “Down the Rabbit-Hole,” which is the theme for the first annual issue of my anthology, Worlds Unknown Review, now accepting submissions. What better way to inspire people that with captivating images that might get the creativity flowing. I know some of my best work in 2012 came from prompts done for a contest from Morgan Dragonwillow. I’d like to inspire my readers in the same way I had been inspired by her, especially since some truly magical stories came from those prompts.

Even if it isn’t for something to be submitted to the review, go ahead and give the picture prompt a try. Post it on your blog and help me to promote the WUR. Perhaps it might inspire someone else in a different way, as well. The wonderful thing about a literary review like this one is that it couldn’t possibly exist without the contributions of many different talented people. I’m so thrilled to see what marvelous stories come through…

So, what are you waiting for? Get writing!

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