Book Sales for a Cause.

My busy schedule and my life lately doesn’t allow me to do as much social networking on the Intrawebz as I’d like to, so I miss a lot of stuff. I follow a lot of people through email feeds, but very rarely am I actually able to click and explore what’s going on in the wonderful Indie Writer scene out there. And then, every so often, I manage to come across something and the timing seems right and I’ve really glad I caught what I did.

Chris Martin (no, not that Chris Martin) has a post up right now regarding an opportunity for readers to help him raise enough money to help put a young woman through a quality education. All the proceeds of the sales for his eNovella, The Stranger, will go to raising money for tuition. And the best part is that the eBook is selling for just 99 cents. A mere cost for something that could essentially shape someone’s world for the better.

I’ve bought and downloaded it for my Kindle, though my Kindle hasn’t been working very well lately, so I have no idea when I’ll actually get around to reading The Stranger, but I look forward to it and I’d like to wish Yomira the best of luck. I honestly don’t remember what brought me around to following Chris’s blog in the first place, but I’m glad I did, if only for the opportunity to share this current journey of his.

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