Row80 Check-In: February 29th!

“Then something moved, causing the laughter to halt and seize his throat tightly. He stiffened, reaching for the dagger on his belt, and he slowly turned. There was a figure with him in the alley, tall and slim, and Locke was prepared to shove the dagger into its gut when a voice rang out. ‘Locke, no! Hold!’ He immediately recognized Gilferen’s voice, and he was glad he could be just as quick stopping his blade as he was unsheathing it. ‘It’s me. Wasn’t sure if I could catch you.'”

Hump day on a leap year! For today’s RoW80 check-in, I’m happy to see that we’re almost in March, which usually means warmer weather and my birthday, but I’m also glad to get one extra day in February to close in on some of my goals a little tighter. It’s actually a little hard to believe that February is almost over already! Where does all the time go? Either way, the days since last Sunday’s check-in haven’t been that productive, but I’m determined not to let that get me down. Every so often, you’re going to have a little bit of a flub, but you always have a good peak after that flub, so I’m just riding it out until the peak gets around. Have a look and see what I mean:

Serpent in a Cage: Interesting thing about outlines…they’re only useful if you’re following them. I got halfway through Chapter Two when I realized that I had forgotten a whole sequence that was supposed to happen before this sequence. So I have to go back and rewrite those pages with another chapter smushed between. This sets me back on page count…for now, since everything else I’ve written so far is still incredibly useable. So I’m backtracking a little, but once I get this Missing Chapter taken care of, things will be steadily coming along still. Page count: 21/57.

Teen Fantasy Anthology: The last few days for the Teen Fantasy Anthology Contest just Have Not Been Happening. I’m okay with that, since I promised myself I wasn’t going to make it a big priority to make ensure that I submit a story every day, especially since I really love the stories I’ve managed to whip up so far, but I’m hoping to break this non-productive streak soon. It’s mostly been a matter of not having enough time to do with the story what I want to do. I’m starting to think too big and then discovering that I don’t have enough time after all my other priorities and my day job. Friday’s a day off, though, so, if anything, I’m certain I’ll get a tale in on that day.

Bowlful of Bunnies: No new news on this front; it’s unlikely for there to be while the Contest above is going on. It’s just sitting there, waiting patiently, as it should. I might start contacting potential cover artists soon, so that could be exciting.

The 100 Books Project: Trying to fight through the last part of my current 700+ book still; I expect to finish it within the next few days, Friday at the latest, and then it’s onto another one for March. I’m mostly just reading that one right now; the other fifty gazillion books I also read at the same time have been put aside. See? I am capable of focus sometimes.

That’s it. Kind of a “meh” update; things have been a little off these last few days, but that’ll change soon enough and Sunday’s update will be more exciting, I imagine. If you get a chance, be sure to check out my other fellow RoWers here and may your leap day be….leaptastic.

Happy writing!


  1. It seems quite a few of us are having the “mehs.” It must be the doldrums before the great rush to sprint to the end. Things will pick up, and yes, become leaptastic. I’m sure of it.

  2. It’s this dreadful, dreadful winter that’s stealing our ‘oomph’. I demand sunshine and green leaves!! Oh, ahem,…. wait…nature doesn’t listen to me. But I’d demand it if I could….:}

  3. You’re doing fantastic 🙂 And hey – there’s an extra day this month – so it can be a make-up day or something 😉 Great goals, and I think it’s great that you challenged yourself to do the Teen Fantasy Antho stories – it’s good to switch things up and try new things. Go you! 🙂

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