Ah, Well…

Usually, I allow myself at least one day per month where I can pass on making a blog post. I usually reserve these for those particularly blah days where I’m uninspired, can’t find anything interesting to write about, or just simply don’t have the time. Today was almost one of those days. After all, it’s March, a new month, and so I have one of those freebie days available to me. I was wondering if that was really how I wanted to start the month, and the answer was simply no. Sometimes, especially when it’s the hardest, you just have to sit your butt down and force yourself to write.

There’s no way around the fact that I’ve been in a funk this week. I haven’t had any of the drive, motivation, or time that I seemed to have had last week, which propelled me forward and kept me going. Something’s got to break the funk, and allowing myself to just skip a post because I’m not feeling like it will do nothing to help push through the clouds and get into smooth sailing again. Tomorrow, I’m really going to do what I can do make sure I break this funk and get back to work! I’m going to try to do a little bit of it tonight, but let’s be realistic. It’s Project Runway night…

What do you do to help get yourself out of a funk? Is there a special ritual, place, treat, song, etc, etc, etc, that helps to get you motivated? Do you feel sometimes you just need to try to weather out the storm? For me, I’m just going to try to be positive and remember that, despite the funk, if I can manage something, I should. Usually, that one little bit is just the thing needed to pick up momentum again.

And, see, I’m in such a fuzzle lately that I completely forgot to thank concience nonsense for following my blog! Thank you! Welcome aboard!


  1. Sometimes it really does require time away from the keyboard. If I’m running by myself, I might be writing in my mind, or if I’m sitting in the carpool line, I might be formulating a writing plan, or if I see something weird at the grocery store, it might give me a different direction for that tricky scene… I find that Life is the best cure for a writing funk. Then you can get right back on the horse… er, desk chair.

    • You might be on to something there, Anne. I don’t think as much the keyboard I need to get away from as much as it is work, though, because that’s where all my energy is going. All I’ve been wanting to do afterwards is just crash and veg, but I should just go out and do something instead. Get the blood pumping again!

      Friday afternoon Zoup! might help, though. I hope….

  2. For some of us that funk is much more than writer’s block(cartoon block in my case) but another episode of that crushing depression that immobilizes. On the other hand it is remarkable that so many people that so suffer retain a sense of humor despite it all.

    • I find that keeping a sense of humor about a lot of things is the only way to get through them. Luckily, there are a lot of people like yourself, Carl, who are particularly adept on bringing that humor out!

  3. I was right there with you, today! I worked on three different blogs, all squirrelly and indecisive and feeling in a “fuzzle” (I just love that word!) before I settled in on one and finally got it posted. (I’m glad you liked it! Thank you!) I listen to music to get out of a funk.

    • Music is definitely a great way out of it! On my way into work, I pumped up the radio and sang in a way that probably made everyone else on the road wonder who let the crazy person drive. But I felt much better when I finally parked my car!

      And you’re welcome! Thanks for all of your great posts and your beautiful photos!

  4. I’ve been in quite the life-induced funk myself lately. I find I go through several stages before I come out of it… pitying myself, anger (that I can’t pull out), acceptance (this is now life with three kids, writing, etc), and then pulling out of the pit (usually requires some me time). A little guilt usually follows the me-time, but I’d rather have guilt than the funk!

    Hoping for a parting of the clouds!!

    • Thanks, Tia! I love me-time…usually, that’s the perfect panacea for everything except that requisite guilt afterwards, but, like you said, I’d rather have the guilt than the funk, too.

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