Back in Business.

While there is still a bit more to do in the moving process, I am happy to report that the majority of the heavy-duty stuff is finished, and we’re pretty much nestled into our new place. All the main furniture is in place, the general layout is shaping up nicely, and the proportion of stuff in boxes to stuff out of boxes is decreasing slightly. Pretty much the biggest roadblock still in view is the issue with the refrigerator; the one that came with the apartment was pretty much a health hazard, but the landlord has agreed to replace it, so we’re just waiting on exactly when that is. And then I can go back to having milk in my coffee.

Most importantly, though, is the fact that we’ve gotten the cable and internet hooked up now, which means I’m back in business, and better than ever. Having a place to ourselves means no longer having to sacrifice my table to the collected shopping bags and vodka bottles of my previous roommates, and this morning has bee my first step into using it as an actual work station. The chair is a little rough under my butt, but that’s nothing a cushion can’t fix, and the distractions are limited to my cats who know they’re not allowed on the table, but, with the new place, they’re going to test their luck anyway.

I can finally get settled into my routine again, and this brings me such an intense relief. The move set me back a lot, so this next week is going to be playing a lot of catch-up and getting things back on track. But that’s the nice thing about a fresh start: it makes getting into the swing of things a little more exciting with a bright new perspective.

Have I missed anything exciting during my move? I’ve been keeping a light eye on things here and there, but my mind has certainly been elsewhere. What’s going on in the world wide web, anyway? It’s definitely good to be back.


  1. Glad you are settling in. Let Genghis & Baulder know who is in charge! (ya right)
    The world wide web has the scary aspect of Donald Trump still in the running for president~ very very scary! !

    love ya’

    • They really, really are. I found a great armchair at Goodwill for under $15, though, so that was pretty fortuitous! I need to find me a good side table before that one can function as a potential working chair, though. I need to be able to spread my stuff out.

  2. After 60 years in Miami left for Greensboro, NC last Jan. What a delightful change esp type of people. It was a challenge beyond the move: social security, medicare, the taxes, the driver license, the supplemental health insurance, new doctors, finding one’s way around with street names not numbered grid like Miami, sole caretaker of dad 92, and with little or no help.

    • Yeah, I find all that stuff a hassle after even just a year or two in a place. I can’t imagine what it would be like after being i the same place for so long! I think the longest I’ve lived somewhere was the childhood home, so I’ve never really settled anywhere, but I think it’s well overdue.

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