Artist Quotes: Davis.

“My future starts when I wake up every morning.” -Miles Davis.

The brilliant miss rosen posted this quote on her blog a while ago, and I had to swipe it for my own, because I’m kind of in love with it. For a while now, mornings have easily become my favorite part of the day. Each morning is like a new lifetime, a new opportunity, a new chance to open up the day and see what can be written inside.

In the past few months or so, my perspective on life has changed immensely. Everything has been so positive, and I love it, so it’s hard to imagine ever living my life in a way that, when I woke up, I didn’t see potential for greatness opening up in front of me like I do now. I also marvel over the idea that anyone would want to be any other way. Of course, having been through the darker moods that leave everything with a cloud over it, I know it really is a matter of mind over anything else, but waking up each morning and seeing the future spanning ahead of me is one of the most uplifting things I’ve ever experienced. It makes me look forward to each and every day in a way I would have previously not thought possible.

“My future starts when I wake up every morning.” Honestly, what a beautiful sentiment, what an absolutely inspiring way to wake up every morning and realize that the whole world could be out there in front of you, all you’ve got to do is get up and take it.

Just a little bit of brightness and inspiration for the day. Happy writing!


  1. Thank you my wonderful Laura for bringing me out of the dark….it not a place where I like to linger for very long, One quote by Miles Davis and a optimistic daughter..made me realize to go toward the light.. ❤

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