Not like the Candy.

Some of you dear readers are well-aware that, when it comes to games on my Kindle, I’m a little obsessed. One of the nice things about these games is that, in order to make any progress without spending money on it, you have to have a lot of patience, waiting a few hours or even whole days before any upgrades can happen, which turns them into nice mindless fun when you have a few minutes to slowly build up your in-game bank. There’s also another surprising benefit to these games, in that the recent one (not the zoo one; this new one is too embarrassing to name) is actually…surprisingly inspiring. The idea for a new book (or, better yet, series of books!) popped into my head while playing these games, though it leads me into a realm I am mostly unfamiliar with: chick lit.

Now, I’m not known to be a fan of chick lit. I really haven’t read much of it, and I’m not a great fan of chick flicks, though I must admit to having watched nearly every episode of Sex and the City in my day, as well as at least the first couple of seasons of Gossip Girl (I’ve even read the first Gossip Girl book, but, in my defense, it was in a bargain bin for two bucks). But I think it could be a lot of fun and there’s definitely a market for it. I’m not sure if I’m going to reserve a space for this new idea in my RoW80 goals or not yet, but we shall see.

Since it’s a new area for me, I was curious what you guys thought of chick lit. Do you read it? Write it? Loathe it? If you love it, what do you like to see and what don’t you like? If you’re not a fan, why not? A little bit of food for thought to mull over would be nice.

And, lastly, and completely unrelated, I’d like to thanks ClownRhymes aboard as my latest subscriber! Thanks for following! And also a little “awe shucks” goes out to C.M. Hubbard, who cited me as inspiration for starting a blog earlier this year, which gets a big GEE WHIZ! out of me and makes me all baffled but feeling oh-so-special. And, for the record, yes, the L.S. does stand for “Lithe Skywalker,” Cretinous Manatee.


  1. I recently figured out why I personally avoid chick-flicks, and think that the same thing may apply to why I don’t read chick-lit also. The answer, simply I get too emotionally involved with characters! If they are in an unreal (sci-fi, fantasy) setting it’s easier to detach that (although I may still cry) but when the setting is more down-to-earth/real the emotional link is even stronger, my empathy goes through the roof and it’s like I am personally involved in what is happening (maybe as the MC or someone close to them) – yes, it’s really sad that I get that deeply involved that it stops me watching/reading but better to avoid than to suffer! lol Although another thing that bugs me is happy endings – when something has been so ‘real-life’ to end ‘perfectly’ annoys me, cause after all we don’t all get the happy ending in real-life so it’s not fair! (another overly emotional connection, toddler-tantrum – I want ‘my’ happy ending! lol)

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Oh lemon scented one! Somehow I missed this on the first read through and stumbled into it today looking for something to distract me from my rumbling tummy whilst waiting for Flash Fiction Friday. Wheeeee

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