Coffee and Computer Conundrum.

Some of you (the few and the proud) who frequently (or infrequently, even) check this blog may have noticed that I have not been making daily posts as I usually try to do. There is a good reason for that, and it involves a keyboard, a cup of coffee, and a very cuddly cat.

The combination is not nearly as happy as the components might suggest. Every morning, when I sit down to write up my blog or get some stuff done for Fandom High (or, hell, even play some Roller Coaster Tycoon…don’t judge!), I do so with a nice full cup of life-giving coffee. Even though I don’t even sip it when I type, I feel better and more inspired simply by having it there. Unfortunately, the morning is also the time when one of my cats, Baldur, loves to cuddle. He takes my sitting down as a sign that it’s cuddle time and will want to hop up on my lap…usually as I’m taking a sip, because he is a master of timing. Usually, I can avoid disaster. On occasion, he’s had himself a nice coffee bath. The other day…well…the laptop got one.

I am extremely lucky in the fact that the laptop itself still works. Everything is running just as well as it did before; nothing of the harddrive or whatever else proper technical term is applicable for the way the computer runs is malfunctioning. The only problem was the keyboard, which was stuck on a single letter (“mmmmmmmmm,” it said, so apparently it likes coffee, too), until I got some computer cleaning products and so now it just won’t work. Easy solution to that! I’ve had a $25 gift card for Staples from, like, two years ago, picked up a USB plug-in keyboard, and huzzah! Back in business.

Much cheaper than taking it in to get the keyboard replaced. Not exactly great for traveling around, but I don’t really ever take my laptop anywhere. I mostly just have it so that I can sit in the living room and work instead of sequestering in my bedroom with my desktop.

So I’m a few days behind on the stuff I wanted to get posted to the blog; I lost a couple days of hits from not having any new posts, but my June numbers were great, even if it was the first month where I didn’t increase my hit count. The first of the month is usually the day I talk about the new novel for the month, but that’s going to be put off until tomorrow, and then it’s focusing on ROW80.

Whoo! Let’s go July! Let’s go, no more coffee-addled computer!

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