Monday Morning Reset [08/07].

Well, I’m about to enter the second half of my long eight-day work streak, so the past four days have been a little bit of a blur (having a shark-related “Big Damn Event” in Fandom High didn’t help, either). So things have been a little whirlwindy for me this past week, and it’s still a little weird for me to believe that it’s actually Monday already. Like, where did last week go? And even though it feels like a blur, I know I got some stuff done, so it definitely happened. It just happened in a bit of a fog.

Let’s take a moment and break it down a bit, so that hopefully we’ll be going into this week with the fog cleared up a little.

Reading: I didn’t get a chance to finish anything new this week, and I think I’ll focus on The Pointe Book, which is nearly finished but getting into all the technical training aspects of pointe, and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which only has a few more chapter left. And I’ve started rereading D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover because it’s been a while and why not? I’d forgotten how pretentiously pompous the introduction to this version is, though. Made for a few good wry snorts this morning.

Writing: Two rejections came in from last time, bumping my total up to 77 so far. But last week brought the release of Two Eyes Open from Mackenzie Publishing, which includes my short story, “Ursula,” about a man looking to save the love of his life from an institution holding her against her will. Or so it seems. If you get the chance to check it out, it would be greatly appreciated!

Some more progress has been made on getting “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Misplace” typed up, but it’s going to need a lot of editing before it’s ready to be sent out. And this week’s new story will hopefully be a submission to an anthology by Fantasia Divinity Magazine about dragons.

I’m a bit late on getting the next Featured Story up and ready to go, but hopefully I’ll get that pull off in the next few days. In the meantime, hop over and enjoy Max D. Stanton‘s The Hero of Madgeburg” for free while you still can! And speaking of World Unknown Review stuff, there are 84 days left until the deadline for Volume IV, so get those submissions in soon!

‘Rithmatic: I’ve officially applied for the supervisor position in my department at work, but it’ll be a few more weeks before anything there gets set into motion. The boyfriend has started his bartending job and he’s absolutely loving it so far, so yay! With the eight day streak, I haven’t had much time to do anything else, though we did get to make it to karaoke on Saturday (I managed to get two in, “Ballroom Blitz” and “What I Got“), so that was definitely fun. Something like that in the middle of my long week is probably helping me not feel too overwhelmed so far.

That’s about it right now. Like I said, it’s been kind of a blurry week, and time marches on. I’m just trying to keep my eyes on the weekend, when I’ll finally get a break from the monotonous drone of my super fun job…

Happy reading!


  1. Sorry I haven’t been around. Popping about the internet is so exhausting to me, so I’ve been stepping back a bit. Not enough hours in the day.

    Are you going to have a big party when you hit 100 rejections? LOL. I love your attitude about that. You don’t give up, and that’s exactly why (well, that and talent) you end up getting acceptances, too. Congrats on that!

    Good luck on the supervisor position! I hope that goes well. It’s great that your boyfriend is liking his job. If we have to work, it’s great to have jobs we love, right?

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