Monday Morning Reset (on a Tuesday) [07/25].

Man, it’s been an interesting week, if you couldn’t tell by the fact that my usual Monday Morning Reset post didn’t actually go up yesterday. I had actually forgotten that it was Monday, while actively knowing perfectly well it was Monday. It was weird, but, in my defense, last week was definitely a little more eventful than some of my weeks. I went out on Saturday night and got legitimately buzzed, which is not something I do often, and I’ve also decided to go ahead and take the supervisor position in my department at work with the news that our latest supervisor will be moving in September. So I’m going back to part time and putting on some extra duties, but I realized that I was doing most of that stuff already. And when they finally did shift me back to the part time I was supposed to be, I realized I hated it. That full time stint spoiled me, and it wasn’t just the money (although I definitely do miss the money). I missed the drive that it gave me. I thought, “Great, part time! I’ll have so much more time for my writing!” but I really just got lazy and didn’t get nearly as much stuff done as I thought I would. I’m the type of person who thrives on work; I’m a workaholic. When my writing time is more limited, I feel more motivated to get things done, because I know that I’m not going to have time to do it later. If I have time to do it later, I procrastinate like nobody’s business. So going back to full time, I think, is going to be a really good thing, thought it will be an adjustment.

Plus all that extra money is going to be real nice, too.

But enough about that job, let’s get into the good job that doesn’t pay anything! Here’s how my interesting week played out on pen and paper:

Reading: I still have not finished Missing People, but I’m on the climatic final chapter finally and intend to finish it today. The new book on the pile is Next by Michael Crichton, which will be my first Crichton, so I hope it doesn’t end up like my mistake in my first Stephen King being The Tommyknockers.

Writing: Three rejections this last week puts my current total to 71; that 100 goal post is definitely in sight now! Two of them were stories I really had a lot of hope for, so that was a bummer, but both stories have been turned around and sent elsewhere, because they’re two of my favorites in my current body of work. I know someone’s going to find the charm there, it’s just a matter of who eventually takes the bait. I also started working on a new erotica piece, which I don’t write a whole lot of, but an anthology showed up on my radar, so I’m consider it. My 3Elements piece is coming along nicely, as is typing up “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Misplace.”

‘Rithmatic: As mentioned above, I’m taking a promotion at work so that’ll be interesting to see how it effects things. Today is mostly a much needed catch-up day, so I’m keeping things pretty short and simple and sweet here so I can hop on over to the next thing I want to work on. The humidity is finally gone, there’s a wonderful cool breeze blowing through the windows right now, and I’m really looking forward to a lovely day. So I’m going to go and get to it.

Happy reading!

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