Wakey, Wakey!

So, I’m weirdly addicted to a lot dumb-ass lifestyle article websites like Refinery29 and domino, which I know are pretty much a big waste of my time. Every once in a while, though, something really interesting or inspiring pops up, and I guess that’s why I do it. And the other night, as I was waiting for my boyfriend to get finished with his work so we can head home (we work at the same place, so we carpool when we can), I checked out this article from domino, offering advice from 8 early risers.

I already have my own routine for the mornings, which I feel work really well for me more often than not, but I’m always a little curious what works for others. What really stood out for me was that two authors on the list, Felicia Sullivan and Stephanie Danler, have very similar routines as me! It felt like some sort of weird validation, and got me wondering if these women just have minds a lot like mine. Our creativity and productivity develop in similar ways. Sullivan, who has to balance a regular job with her writing as I do, “devotes the first two hours she’s awake to anything that will move a project forward,” which she explains doesn’t necessarily mean the physical act of writing itself. Brainstorming, organizing, research, reading all falls into those two hours. Meanwhile, “Danler spends the first couple of hours of the day reading poetry and writing in a notebook,” though one weekdays, it can more like 30 minutes, while the weekend gets more mileage.

My own morning routine? Wake up, make some coffee, switch between reading and writing for the first hour. If that’s going well, and I have no pressing business, then I’ll continue for the second hour, before going to do my little morning workout, shower, and wake the boyfriend up for breakfast time. If I have a blog post to make or a story to submit or some email to take care, then the second hour is for that. Pretty similar to these other ladies, wouldn’t you say? So I must be doing something right!

How’s your own morning routine? Do you share something with Sullivan, Danler, and myself, or do you do something completely different? Whatever it is, if it works for you, definitely stick with it! Mornings are so important to shaping the rest of the day so we can go make great things happen.

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