Anyone who follows me on social media (well, Facebook and Twitter, anyway) will have already gotten the news, but I’m pleased to share with everyone on the blog that I’ve had a second story accepted by the Saturday Evening Post. And it’s already available for your viewing pleasure, in what was a bit of a whirlwind accept-and-publish moment that was really refreshing but astonishing after having to deal with some very slow moving publishers recently (just got the edits back from a story I sold in December, for example).

The story is “Hack,” about a man and his nefarious system to date unsuspecting women and slowly destroy their lives…or at least their finances. It was inspired by a chance encounter I had with an ex a while back, because even the smallest thing can inspire a wild story. It’s a little different from my usual work, I feel, which means I’ve always kind of had a weird relationship with this story. It was a story I never expected to find a place somewhere, but, once again, the Saturday Evening Post has surprised me, and I’m really honored to now be a two-time contributor to their Fiction Friday feature on their website (the last story of mine they published, “The Alley,” is still one of my favorite things I’ve written, so check that out too, if you haven’t).

I’ve also recently had a little blip published with 50 Word Stories called “Ten,” about an assassin, and I’ll be sharing with you all next week a story that will be featured on Trembling with Fear called “The Elephant Curse,” but that doesn’t drop until tomorrow, so you’ll have to wait until then!

After so many rejections, it’s really been a whirlwind last week with these three acceptances coming in and being so promptly published. It’s fantastic, but a little overwhelming. Thankfully, I’ve had plenty of rejections in the meantime, too, so that I don’t get too cocky. And I’ve got a great piece that’s been sitting in the wings that’ll be making its appearance in August, too.

Happy reading!


  1. Its funny how things tend to come in spurts. This week, my rejections have been coming at odd intervals. I got three rejections today. All of them came between 3:25 and 3:59.Yesterday, my two rejections came at 11:49 and 12:09. This past fall, I remember a two week span with no acceptances, then one on Wednesday, one on Thursday, and One on Friday.

    • Haha, yeah, exactly! Those ones that come in a wave all in a short period of time can feel pretty brutal, too, especially after there’s been a month or so of hearing nothing at all. This is a weird business indeed, and very poorly timed!

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