Monday Morning Reset [06/12].

Happy Monday, everyone! I almost thought I wasn’t going to get the chance to get this post out this morning, that it would be another Monday-Morning-on-Tuesday kind of week, but then I resolved myself to just stick it out, get it out quick and good, and you’ll be all set. I still want to squeeze out a potential submission to the Vignette Review before I had to get started on the part of my day that isn’t awesome writing stuff, since their submissions close today, but we’ll see (Nevermind, I got the day wrong by one; I’ve missed it, whoops!).

It’s been an interesting, busy week, so let’s break it down and have a look at what was accomplished and what’s still ahead:

Reading: I finally managed to finish Foxborn by Robert Allen Lupton, one of my World Unknown Review authors, a book with a really cool concept that I think needed a bit more love before it made it to the printed page, but that’s something to be saved for a proper review. I think I would have preferred to see it condensed and tightened into a really epic short story rather than what I felt was a dragged-out novel-length book. But, like I said, stuff for a proper review. I do encourage everyone to check it out for themselves, though, because I love supporting my WUR writers and you can tell me if you agree or if you think I’m crazy and being too much of an editor.

The new books for the week is Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment, because it’s time for another Discworld book in the rotation, and I hope to finish up Rebecca Skloot’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks this week, and maybe Brandon Graham’s Missing People, too, because I’m nothing if not ambitious about meeting dumb goals.

Writing: Things are still pretty quiet on the submission front. I did receive a rejection for a mini-contest I entered and I noticed a status change on another story in Submittable to rejected (they didn’t even send an email, which I think is just lame), but that’s it for the time being. I hope that means that a lot of the stories that have been quiet for all this time are quiet because they’re in serious consideration. I have two stories that I’m super close to finishing up that can enter the rotation soon, too, and then I started a story I might try to churn out before submissions for Zimbell House Publishing’s latest anthology closes in three days. It’s only three days, though, so I doubt I’ll get there. Worth a try, though, especially since I’ll have the next three days off.

Maybe I might even start getting around to finally typing up Fearless, too.

‘Rithmatic: I just got back from a wedding this weekend, which was a lot of fun. My boyfriend was in the bridal party, and I’ve known this couple through him for a few years now, and their story is really interesting and it was great to be there to see them finally “make it official” after seventeen on-and-off years and two kids. This week will be a lot of cleaning up and organizing the apartment because my mother’s coming for a visit next week, so, of course, I’ve got to make everything perfect. It’s my first week in a long time with the part-time hours I want, which makes me nervous about not making as much money, but I’m really eager to try to get the most out of those days off and get some serious writing done, because I have not had the time in a while. It’ll be nice to finally get back to treating this as my main job rather than the job that’s just there to make sure I can pay the bills. I like my writing job, like, a million times better.

Happy reading, everyone!

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  1. perfection??? waste of time! I come to see you and Ken~ don’t you stress yourself about getting things perfect!! Just remember to do next Monday’s “morning re-set” before you come pick me up at the train station 🙂 so excited to hug you!!

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