New Featured Story: “The Scrimshawed Ostrich Egg” [WUR 2016].

A new month means a new featured story, and I’m pleased to announce that the month of May will be featuring another great selection from last year’s World Unknown Review. May tends to bring a lot of rain to the Chicago area, and, since Chicago was basically built on a swampy mudflat, that means a lot of flooding rivers and wet marshy ground. However, I’m pretty sure what we experience here is nothing like the swampy mess that Pat and Pierre get themselves into down in New Orleans in Robert Allen Lupton‘s “The Scrimschawed Ostrich Egg.” This story has so many of the things I’m interested in: New Orleans, pirates, voodoo, all that jazz.

New Orleans is one of those places I’ve yet to visit, but I’m utterly fascinated by it in fiction. So when this story appeared in my inbox, I knew it was going to have a special place in my heart. There’s adventure, there’s ghosts, there’s a treasure to be found, and a legend to be uncovered. Robert has a fantastic ability to transport his readers to a particular place with a particular feel to it, so I hope you get the chance to read his contribution to making WUR Volume III such a great collection of tales.

Keep an eye out for an interview with Robert later this month, but, if you can’t wait until then, he does have a new book out called Foxborn that you can check out in the meantime.

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