Monday Morning Reset [04/17].

You know, I have the worst time trying to think of ways to start these posts. It’s probably not nearly as tedious as my brain makes it to be if I were to simply say, “Oh, hey, look, it’s Monday again!” or “I can’t believe how quickly [insert month here] is going!” Those seem to be my default, most popular directions to take. But this time I decided to go the route of acknowledging that I’m bad at introductions and running with it. But it is another Monday of another exciting week, and here’s my weekly look at what is and what will hopefully be.

Reading: I finally killed David McCullough’s acclaimed 1776, which was definitely interesting and inspiring but not quite as epic as I was expecting it to be. It put things in an interesting perspective to read about the very unlikely and astonishing steps that lead to the birth of the United States as a country in light of recent political events, that’s for damn sure. It was really hopeful; Washington and company were up again some pretty wild odds, but they stuck through it and succeeded in the end, which is something to keep in mind when things start to feel overwhelmingly troublesome.

Hoping to get Something Wicked This Way Comes and Lulu in Marrakech this week. Maybe even The Throne of Tara, but that might be a bit ambitious for this particular week, what with working straight on into C2E2, but more on that later.

I started reading The Corpse Walker by Liao Yiwu, and I’m pretty eager to really dig into it. It’s a collection of tales Yiwu was collected by talking to people at the bottom of China’s society, those who others would rather forget about. Life in Communist China is an area of particular interest to me, so it’l be really intriguing getting to hear some of the stories rarely told.

Writing: Once again, only one rejection, bringing my new total to 44, and no new acceptances left for a pretty quiet week. I’m kind of itching for more information on my three pending publications, but I have to remind myself to just be patient, they’ll get there, this industry is slow as fuck. In the meantime, I really need to get a story written for another anthology typed up, especially now that I’ve given it some more thought and altered a bit to have a much darker twist that will fit better with the anthology. Before I was worried that it wouldn’t fit, but now I’m sure it will.

I did an interview with Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha over at her Cooking Pots and Twisted Plots blog, so head on over there and check it out. I talk a lot about my writing process and my typical day, as well as my cats! I’m also going to be posting my interview with WUR 2016 Featured Writer Sarah Gribble by the end of the week, as well.

Also, I guess I kind of finished Fearless? I was honestly expecting about fifty more pages, was just writing a long, and my brain suddenly said, “This. This is the place to stop. This is the best ending right here.” And I completely agreed. There were stuff in those fifty pages that didn’t get in, obviously, but i have ideas of where else they can do in the book, and I plan to add them when I transcribe the thing. It was such a bizarre experience, though, this feeling of finality that just appeared and settled in. Is it just that I got sick of writing it? I don’t think so. Part of me is, admittedly, totally done with The Slayer Saga, but there really was something beautiful in how the end was shaping before my eye, unexpectedly and just so fittingly. It was bizarre, but kind of lovely, and I feel much better about the book now than I did last week.

‘Rithmatic: The big news for this week is, of course, C2E2, Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, easily the biggest comics convention in the area and one of my favorite things each year. No more going for just Saturday, either, I’ve got weekend passes this year, and two cosplays planned. I even actually made my costume for one of them, bought a sewing machine and everything. It doesn’t look great, it’s amateur as fuck, but you know what? It’s a start. Next year’s costume will be better, and even better the year after that, so on and so forth. If any of my lovely readers are going, let me know, and maybe we can touch base. It’s always a blast to run into people at these things, especially with so many other people out there.

Of course, taking the weekend off means having to work pretty solid in the days leading up to it. Gross. But I’ve just got to keep my nose to the grindstone and my glorious nerdy four-day-weekend will begin and be awesome.

So I’m off to slave away and try to finish the last details of the costumes, and, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get some writing in there somewhere, too.

Happy reading!


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