Monday Morning Reset [03/13].

This post almost did not get made, all thanks to a cat on my lap. When there is a cat on your lap, and your laptop is in another room, more often than not you decide that a Monday Morning Reset post is not the most important thing in the world. You’re gonna let that cat stay on your lap. Thankfully, the cat in question was feeling fickle this morning and got up often, with enough time for me to snag the laptop and bang this out. I’m half expecting him to show up halfway through writing it to sit on my lap again.

I’ll be honest here: last week is kind of a blur. As I type this, there’s snow gathering outside, more snow that we’ve probably had all winter, and last week we had a day reach sixty degrees. These weather extremes has had my sinuses in a whirlwind, so I’ve been varying degrees of sick and distorted all week. And Saturday was just hell at work. I don’t know what was in the air or if it was the approaching full moon or what, but people were crazy, and I had a really bad day, and now I’m just glad it’s over and my mind can hopefully focus on other things. But when I stop to try to recall what I did do before Saturday, it’s all just a blur. But I’m going to try to recall enough to do a proper Reset.

Reading: Because reading two other heavy books in the form of Battlefield Earth and Dune weren’t enough, I finally cracked open Atlas Shrugged this morning. I’m pretty stoked to start it, not only because I’ve always thought it was a brilliant title, but I’m really fascinated by Ayn Rand’s philosophies. It’s so interesting to have someone who you agree with so much in some aspects, but completely and utterly abhor their thoughts on other aspects. Or so I assume. This will be my first delve into actually reading her works rather than observing her from a secondary standpoint.

(Update: In the course of writing that last paragraph, I had a cat again, though it was the other cat, and he had left by the time I finished. Fickle, fickle felines).

Writing: I feel a little bit of freedom since I’ve publicly declared my April project dead, which always makes the words flow better. I’ve finally reached the turning point in Fearless that I feel has been building forever, and now we’re going to charge toward the end (I hope!), and I only received one rejection this week, putting my total at 35. So that was good, but I really need an acceptance soon or else my confidence is going to really take a beating. I know there’s three submissions I should hear back from this month, at least, so I’m just going to try to stay confident in that regard.

‘Rithmatic: Not a whole lot else to report. As I said, the last week was just a blur and work kind of damaged my spirits a bit. One more week to go, though, and then it appears I’m back on a more part-time schedule (three days off instead of just two…two is not enough when you’re trying to balance two careers!). I’ll miss the big, fat paychecks, sure, but not as much as I’ve missed having that extra day to write and get shit done.

This week, I’m just really hoping to plow through it to get to the week with three-days-off, which is also my birthday week, although I really don’t have any plans to celebrate at the moment. But maybe now that I’ve got two brain cells to spare for thoughts, I can come up with something fun.

Happy reading, everyone!


  1. Battlefield Earth and Atlas Shrugged were two of the longest books I’ve ever read. Les Miserables was the third one. 🙂

    I totally understand the cat in the lap. Cats are important.

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