A Project’s Quiet, Gentle Death.

While I can’t really complain too much, 2017 so far has not at all turned out the way I had envision when I set my goals and began to pursue them in January. And that’s okay. Having goals and deadlines and sticking with them is important and whatnot, but it’s also important to be flexible and reevaluate the direction things are going when necessary. I was not expecting to be working forty hours a week for the past three months when I had made plans to put out another short story collection in April. I was expecting to have at least fifteen more hours than what I had to be writing a bunch more stories to either be included or to be sent out to publishers. The deluge of new pieces I expected to have by now are little more than ideas or unfinished starts in various notebooks. I could just cease sending out any new material for a while, but submitting is kind of addicting. Why would I want to publish this story in a collection that might not get enough attention when it could go in this really popular magazine instead? So I needed to reconsider my plan.

I really want to publish more books, but the fact of the matter is that right now, it’s not going to happen the way I hoped it would. I’m certainly going to plug along as best I can, but until my work schedule gets back to where I’ve wanted it to be, writing is going to continue to be a slow process demanding a lot of patience. And that’s fine. I’ll get there. Who knows, maybe I’ll hit a wind and suddenly finish a bunch of stuff and then I’ll have a treasure trove of things to start throwing out into the world. But, for now, it’s just steady as she goes, tortoise wins the race kind of approach.

On the bright side, I do have a week coming up which is more in line with what I would like to be working, so I’ll have an extra day to work. Fingers crossed that this trend continues.

I still want to publish another short story collection some day soon, hopefully still in 2017, but my metrics for it has change. Anyone keeping track will know that I’m aiming for 100 rejections this year. I’m at 34, so I’m pretty positive I’ll reach that goal. Perhaps that’s when it’ll be time to consider what stories to put together and share on my own accord rather than waiting to strike the right notes with other editors.

Until then, it’s just time to keep on truckin’.


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