New Featured Story: “To Catch a President” [WUR 2016].

Today, we say good-bye to Adam L. Bealby’s delightfully brilliant “A Comedy of Edwards,” but don’t worry. You can still enjoy it in World Unknown Review Volume III, and, besides, that just means we get a new story to tide us over through March. Also featured in WUR Vol. III, “To Catch a President” is very different from “A Comedy of Edwards.” And that’s kind of the point, because we try to touch on a lot of different types of tales in WUR. And while Adam L. Bealby had you rolling off your seats in laughter, I’m hoping James Wylder has you perched right on the edge of them this month.

I almost feel like James was cheating by sending me a story about space pirates, because I love me a good space pirate story, and “To Catch a President” really hits on all the great little tropes one comes to expect from such a story, while giving it his own little twists and quirks. And while this story is just a little slice of adventure, it’s very clear to see that there’s a whole galaxy that’s been developed here, one I hope I can explore more of in the future!

Here’s to hoping you all find his characters as intriguing and interesting and exciting as I found them, tough, really, I’d be surprised if you didn’t. Come read the story here and maybe go give James a visit or a follow, too. We’ll be interviewing with him later this month as well, so keep an old-style filament lightbulb eye out for that.

Happy reading!

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