February by the Numbers.

It’s still hard to believe that it’s already March. This winter in general has been a weird one, as Chicago sits through unseasonably warm temperatures. It’s really nice, I’m not complaining too much, though I do feel like it’s somewhat my fault, because I decided to be an Adult about things and finally put down money on a nice, warm winter coat, the kind that can handle the brutally cold Chicago winters. So of course, since I was prepared and dropped some cash, we have one of the warmest winters with a record setting lack of a snowfall. Um, you’re welcome, Northern Illinois.

But the fact of the matter is, it’s March now, and February is over, and it was all just a messy blur. A big step down from January being relatively successful. And if you don’t believe me, I have numbers to back me up.

Books Sold: 0
So much for my “One Books a Month” goal. To be fair, I didn’t do much by way of promotion, just because it has been a weird month of being overworked (but thankfully not underpaid). Hopefully this month I’ll have the opportunity to explore some advertising options to help this number get better for March.

Stories Completed in February: 1
Stories Sent Out: 6
Stories Accepted: 0
Stories Rejected: 13
Stories Published: 2
“Maybe February will be better,” she said, back in January. February was definitely not better for my short story work. I have simply not had the time to write and edit and send as much lately, though I’m getting better at prioritizing and managing my stress and knowing where to put it. I think the hardest thing about February was the onslaught of rejections without a single acceptance to soften the blow. I know I have a lot of submissions that will be decided on in March, but it’s a struggle to be positive about them when you’ve had such a harsh month.

Books Finished Reading: 3
Books Finished for 2017 only: 1
On the bright side, February was pretty okay for my reading goals. I’ve cleared out a few of the books I started in 2016 but didn’t finish by the end of the year, as well as added my first book to the 2017 bookshelf. I’m making some solid progress on the others, too, and hope to have added a few more by the end of March.

Weight on February 1st: 170
Weight on February 28th: 167
The majority of the month held at a solid 168, and I started my period without a surge back up, so I’m hoping that’s the sign of the stat of the steady trickle down. I feel a million times better since I started a little bit of exercise, and that’s the most important part anyway. And at least one person has said I look like I’m losing weight, so, even if the numbers aren’t spectacular, the results have been getting there slowly.

In other news, I had a really crazy dream last night that inspired something that might be a script. I’ve never written a script before; I’ve never felt the urge. And while this idea could make a decent book, I can’t help but feel it’s best as a TV show or something. I blame the Oscars, swaying my mind toward imaginary speeches given when I totally write a script for something although I have absolutely no screenwriting experience…(cough).

Anyway, on to March. My birthday’s in March, so only good things can happen in March, right? Right? Oh, Lord, I hope so.

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