Forced Reset.

Well, today is a very interesting Monday indeed. I usually really look forward to Mondays, because it’s the start of a new week, the start of a new book, and a bunch of other things for me to focus on for the week ahead. This Monday, though, I woke up feeling like utter crap. I really hope I’m not getting sick again, though I really hope it’s just a perfect storm of a stressful weekend at work and staying up too late watching the Oscars. But I couldn’t help myself. They’re so shiny! It also didn’t help that the boyfriend has a random morning shift today, which throws our routine and cuts into my writing time, but I still managed to squeeze in some work before he left, and now I’ve got a few hours to squeeze in a little bit more.

Here’s what I had going on and what I hope to get done for this week.

Reading: I finally finished the first official 2017 book for the year; as I suspected, the honor went to Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, a really great book about vegetarianism. The idea of eating meat again really squicks me out, so I don’t think I’d ever feel the urge to go back to it again, but, even if it weren’t for that, this book offered a lot of fuel for the fire in its exploration of just how gross the food industry is. Even if you remove the cruelty aspects of factory farming, the stuff meat goes though before it hits the shelves is extremely alarming. But that’s a topic for a different post.

The new book for the week is The Pointe Book by Janice Barringer and Sarah Schlesinger, a book given to me way back when, when I was a ballerina and starting to teach pointe, a book I was supposed to read but never got around to it. So it’s been in the pile for a while, and it was on the top, so I thought, why not? Besides, I’d had a conversation with a coworker last night about my dancer past, so perhaps it was a sign of things to come. I’m really looking forward to reading about the history of pointe ballet and feeling those nostalgic longing for dancing again.

Writing: Ask and ye shall receive. I remember last week complaining about the radio silence on the other end of all my submissions, and so, naturally, I get a flood of six rejections from last Monday. That’s almost one a day! And I have to admit, they hit a little harder than usual, perhaps because I have been so down and depressed lately. But I’m trying to turn that focus around to submitting stories, and while I haven’t managed to really get something out every day, I’ve been doing okay with it, meeting a few deadlines as they approached and things like that. And I know I’ve been saying this every week, but I really feel I’ve finally gotten over the roadblock in Fearless and things are starting to build to that final conflict. No new acceptances, though I know a lot of decisions are planned for March, so I’m going to be anxiously awaiting word on a few anthologies that I’m really eager to potentially be a part of.

‘Rithmatic: Weight has been pretty consistent, but I think all the sit-ups have been making an improvement. I feel much better; I feel stronger, which I think is the most exciting part, like I can carry myself better and my back hasn’t even hurt as much. And I had one regular customer tell me it looks like I’ve been losing weight, so maybe it’s been a nice fat-to-muscle conversion going on.

I’ve blown through a few more recipes in my Thug Kitchen cookbook, which included some tasty ass tofu tacos and some lackluster banana pancakes, but now I’m reading an interesting place, because my intention was to go through everything all orderly, but, through unfortunate circumstances, we currently don’t have a working oven. So anything requiring an oven is right out. That does not bode well for my sense of orderliness, but I shall try to overcome. So the goal is to find some good vegan biscuits to buy somewhere because thee’s no way I’m skipping the biscuits and gravy recipe.

Still haven’t bought that couch. I’m being obnoxiously frugal. I am, by all margins, pretty poor, so when I actually do have money, I cling to it pretty hard, having gone through some really tight times before. I don’t ever want to be in those places again. So dropping some cash on something we technically don’t even need right now is a little tough. I’m even thinking that, since we don’t need it, since we don’t plan on even being in this apartment for long, it’s just one less thing to have to move later. I don’t know. It would be nice, though.

I did get one of my five student loads completely paid off, though, so there’s always that. It was the little one, but now that that’s dead, it’s time to take on the next!

I think that’s mostly it for now. I’m off to shoot off a story to Strange Constellations before they close up subs for a period. Then hopefully a shower and some aspirin will help my head feel better, while the fact that it’s Monday might (please, please, please!) mean a slow day at work.

Wish me luck! And happy reading!

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