“The Old Barn Door.”

I am very pleased to announce that the special Women in Horror Month edition of The Siren’s Call eZine is currently ready and available for free download. Of course, my excitement stems mostly from the inclusion of my flash fiction, “The Old Barn Door,” but it’s also just a really great publication worth your time if you’re into horror. Most of the stories are short and swift, and there are a ton of them in there, including one from Helen Mihajlovic, a familiar face from World Unknown Review Volume II!

“The Old Barn Door” is a quick little blurb, much like my recent venture with Dark Fuse Magazine, one I’ll admit I wasn’t too confident about. It’s more atmospheric creepy than anything else, about a troublesome barn door that just won’t stay closed, but it definitely might give me pause before walking into any of the barns back home again! Good for when you’d like a nice little chill chased up your spine.

Again, there are so, so many stories in this issue, and it’s a free download, so do yourself a favor and grab a copy and have all these tasty little tidbits to nibble on. I haven’t gotten around to reading through any of them yet, I’ll admit, but I’m really looking forward to exploring what this issue has to offer and discovering some new scary ladies to look into!

Happy reading!

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