Thug Kitchen 002: Salsa Verde.

It feels like I made this recipe ages ago. It feels like months, years, decades have passed since I’ve last been able to sit down and make a blog post. This, of course, is a gross exaggeration, since it’s been all of maybe a week, but what a doozy this week has been. Today is my first day off after seven days in a row of 8 hours closing shift hell which included Super Bowl weekend, an unofficial holiday in the grocery supermarket world. I feel that last week dragged me out into an alley behind a seedy bar, beat the living tar out of me, and then took all my spare change and one of my shoes. Just one. Because that means it didn’t actually need my shoe, it just wanted to be a jerk.

But things are looking up. I not only have one, but two day off to recover, and when I get back to the grind, it’s for a nice manageable five days in a row. But I do wish our missing coworker would hurry up and heal her fucked up shoulder faster because I don’t know if I can take much more. It is far, far too long between paychecks.

Another bright side is that I’ve got a few experiences with my Thug Kitchen cookbook lined up to share with you. My intention is to make every recipe in the book, including the ones with gross eggplant, even though my boyfriend things I’m being weird about making every. single. one. We’ve been together almost four years now, he should understand by now that I’m weird about stuff like that. And my intention was to do them in order of appearance, but Thug Kitchen itself threw me through a loop with that plan, because the second recipe in the book has an ingredient for which they have a recipe for later in the book. My orderly tendencies started to twitch, and, as much as I wanted to go in order, I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase that which I would eventually be making anyway.

Look at me, getting fancy as hell with my presentation.

So I went ahead and made their salsa verde. Another interesting thing about me making salsa is that it’s super superfluous. My boyfriend is a first generation Mexican-American, which means his parents are super Mexican. There is never, ever, ever a lack of really amazing, super spicy, absolutely delicious homemade salsa in our apartment, provided lovingly by this mother who I’m pretty sure just makes salsa all day. It may sound like a stereotype, but I swear to God, it’s true. So me making salsa felt a little weird, but I felt bolstered by the fact that this could totally be White Girl Salsa, in that I can eat more than half a teaspoon without setting my mouth on fire. Besides, she usually makes red salsa, and I am very obsessed with green salsa. So bring it on.

Due to my white girl tendencies, when the recipe mentioned including the seeds for spicier salsa, I got nervous and tried to pick most of them out. I wish I had taken into consideration the conditioning that I’ve been going through, though, because what I ended up with tasted really, really fucking good, but it needed to be much spicier. There wasn’t anything really surprising about this recipe, pretty basic salsa stuff, but I really, really enjoyed it, and I might have to keep my own supply of the green stuff on hand when I get the chance to tear up the kitchen. It was tempting to eat most of it when I made it, but I had to control myself so there’s be some left for the next recipe. Which you’re going to hear about soon.

Top notch salsa. Will make again, despite the fact that our salsa cup always runneth over.

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