And Away We Go!

It’s here, it’s here The new year is finally here! And while I’m not really down with the whole “2016 was so shitty!” thing (certain aspects of it was, of course, but I had a lot of wonderful things happen to me personally in 2016, and, really, as my boyfriend said when I asked him if he was excited for the new year, “Time is just a manmade construct.”), I’m still stoked to start 2017, because it’s like the biggest Monday Morning (or in this case Sunday Morning) Reset Button there is. The start of a new year is an easily marked period of time where one has the confidence to wipe the slate clean. It’s a convenient frame for which to set up deadlines and goals and projects, all things that I’m an absolute sucker for. It gives me the chance to consider how things went in the previous year, to continue doing the things that worked, and to alter the things that didn’t. The New Year is probably one of my favorite times of the year, so bear with me in the next week or so as I post about all the different things I hope to accomplish in 2017. And here’s a preview:

Books I Read: January 1st is the day I clear out the small bookshelf where I put the books I’ve read and start a new, every year trying to read 100 books, which I have never actually done, but one year, maybe! There’s a post coming up about that eventually, because I also like to discuss and share what I read, what I liked, what I didn’t like, so on and so forth. This year, I managed to pull out 36 book, which wasn’t as much as I was hoping, but it’s not a too terrible number. By best is 73, I think, so it’s a good distance away from that.

Books I Write: Once upon a time, I thought that I would have a goal of publishing two books a year, and, for at least two years, it worked. And then last year, an unfortunate blip in the system that set a lot of things back and led to a few months of hardship had me pushing back the final book in Slayer Saga series. Last year, though I published a lot of short stories, I only managed to get out one book, and I didn’t even write it. And that’s okay! Things happen, and the sign of a strong person is how they handle it. I’m not sure what it says about me that I’ve decided to try again, but this time, I’m doing three publications a year.

Or at least this year. Who knows where I’ll be for 2018, but, obviously, in August, I hope to have the already-overdue conclusion to the Slayer Saga out, because I’ve been leaving people hanging on the fate of the Slayer for far too long. And, naturally, we will be releasing World Unknown Review Volume IV in December. And I’ve decided to throw in a surprise project I’ve been stewing on for a bit in April, but that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Short stories: This year was a fantastic year for me and short stories! I had six stories appear in various publications in 2016, including the Saturday Evening freakin’ Post, which is a really solid turn out. Not only that, but I have two stories already slated for publication in 2017, which is a great start to meeting and beating that number this year. I didn’t get to that 60 rejections mark that I was hoping might happen before the calendar year turned over, but getting 59 since August shows that I don’t think I’ll have any problem hitting 100 in 2017.

I’m also starting a new process for my short stories. I had an okay one going with the starting something new every week, but it left me with well over a dozen notebooks of different projects I was trying to juggle and it was too much. Plus, I’ve really got to focus on Fearless this year, so I’m switching it up a little this year in a way that will still produce a lot of solid short stories (I hope), as well as progress on my novels and other projects. I’ll go into this a bit more in another post.

Cosplaly: Because of the aforementioned trouble early in the year of 2016, we had to skip out on going to our local cons like C2E2 and ACen, so we are determined not to miss them again this year. And, of course, we’re angling to increase our cosplay experience as well. There’s a few ideas floating around, but we’re likely to settle on Amaya and Graham from the newest King’s Quest game, so we’ll be steadily trying to make progress on that in the beginning of the year.

Other Stuff: I want to get back to hiking and eating better and just back on track for losing some of my spare tire, naturally, and, financially, I want to get back to building up my emergency funds, since early last year cleared me out for a while. Maybe, possibly considering a new place, but, at the same time, the current apartment works well, even if it’s nothing glamorous or anything. It might not hurt to have another year here to build up more for something nicer. But that’s kind of it for other things. I want to get into drawing more again, too, but most of my focus is on my writing.

The new year is always an exciting time for me. I just love the fresh, clean slate idea, recharging me and causing me to really look forward to all the wonderful things I might accomplish this year. How about you?

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