New Featured Story: “Into the Sun” [WUR 2015].

We have a new featured story up for December and January: “Into the Sun” by Fallon Brown! This was the winning novella entry for the World Unknown Review Volume II. Since it’s a novella, it might be a little longer to read, but it’s well worth it. I might leave it up a little longer because of its length, too, before we start getting into Volume III‘s stories.

“Into the Sun” tells the story of a young man named Trace, who embarks on a bit of a quest to find his real father and escape the abuse of his pretty psychotic stepfather. Things go a little better than expected, but not everything’s perfect while his mother is still back home under the thumb of a plot to keep her in her place. Can Trace find a place at the side of his long lost father and his band of motorcycle vigilantes? Can he help save his mother from the oppression that’s rule her life for the past eighteen years? And what will happen when his stepfather wises up to his plans?

You’ll have to read it to find out! So go on, go forth and read! And keep an eye out for an interview with the author coming up within the next week or so.

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