Cover Reveal for WUR 2016!

As I’m busy caught in a whirlwind of editing and formatting and fixing and primping, it’s hard to believe that the prospective release day for Volume III of the World Unknown Review is almost here! Yesterday morning was a blur of really hitting the Photoshop (or, erm, free Photoshop equivalent, anyway) to make sure the cover was really to go so I can make sure everything will fit the print copy properly. I’m please to say that the covers get easier every year, as I understand the formatting and the details better, and the most difficult part was picking a cover image! But I really like this one; it’s different from the previous two and just as a really lovely look to it, I think. It was tempting to go with an autumn theme since this year’s color is orange, but I fought against it, and here’s the final product:

(YES, I just realized that the copyright says 2015, not 2016, and it has already been updated. Whoopsie doodles!)

World Unknown Review Volume III should be available on December 15th, 2016, but, if you can’t wait until then, there’s still Volume I and Volume II to peruse in the meantime! Believe me, though, it’s going to be well worth the wait!


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