Back on Track. For now…

Last week, I didn’t get the chance to put up my a Monday Morning Reset post. I’m not exactly sure what happened, because the last week was kind of a blur for me, but I’m sure it had to do with my mad dash to get my master draft for the World Unknown Review Volume III out to the writers for their approval of my edits as soon as possible. I finished it yesterday, and I’ve got two weeks to get it all formatted and fixed up for publication, so perhaps I can wrangle things into a sense of order again. But with a publication date and Christmas looming overhead, I’m sure things will just get muddled up all over again.

It will be nice while it lasts, at any rate.

Reading: Since we’re in December now, I won’t be starting any new books; I’ll just be focusing on finishing the ones I’ve started so I can have a conclusive number at the end of the year, and I’m so far behind that I should have no lack of material. So the real challenge now is going to blowing through fifteen unfinished books by December 31st. Otherwise, they’re in limbo-land where they won’t count toward 2016 or 2017’s totals, so let’s get reading! Last week, I added the last new book to the pile, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess, which I have always wanted to read but never have, especially since the 1995 movie was a huge inspiration for me at that peak time when I truly became a writer. I’m so excited to finally read it! The Secret Garden will definitely be there next year.

Writing: Most of my attention has been on finishing the main draft for WUR Vol III as I said, so I haven’t really been sending out a whole lot of stuff these past few weeks. I haven’t even really gotten much back, either, as I guess things kind of slow down during the holidays. I did get about five rejections coming in, which kind of occurred in a blur since I was so distracted, and that’s over two weeks, so it’s not a bad spread. And while there were rejections, there was also a publication! Phantaxis Issue #2 is now available for purchase, which includes my short story “Damsel in Distress.” If you get a chance to check it out, please do! It’s a really sweet, fun one, I think.

‘Rithmatic: It definitely officially feels like winter and the holiday season; I had the perfect transition day yesterday for it, too. The boyfriend and I both had a Sunday off together, which is a rare gem indeed. So after finishing up the master draft in the morning, we made a special blueberry pancake breakfast, then went off to catch a matinee showing of Arrival, which was an absolutely phenomenal movie. Seriously. It was so well done and brilliant, a truly exceptional example of really smart and emotionally engaging sci-fi that reminded me of an awful lot of the classics. And it’s a great movie for writers, too, as there’s a wonderful emphasis on language and its usage. My sci-fi self and my linguist self was delightfully engaged the whole time, and Amy Adams is a goddamn national treasure. I guess another goal for 2017 is tracking down a copy of the original short story, “Story of your Life,” by Ted Chiang, as well as more of his works.

Our local Blaze Pizza was doing a special BoGo sale, so, naturally, after the movie, we headed over there to get dinner in the form of some of our favorite pizza (they also have this really bomb ass blood orange lemonade). Bellies full, we headed home to put up our Christmas tree and watch the series finale of Westworld. All the while, it was snowing in Chicagoland, all day, these big, fat, beautiful snowflakes that slowly drifted down to eventually cover everything in about two and a half inches of snow. We’re surrounded by cute houses and big trees where we live, so I look out my window to a veritable winter wonderland of snow-covered branches, and it’s so stinking beautiful, I could puke. It was definitely the best kind of day to lead into a Monday Morning Reset!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Sunday, too, and, if not, then, hopefully you’ll have a wonderful Monday instead. I’ve got a cat on my lap wanting to snuggle, so I guess I’ll go do that, and get on with my day (although that unfortunately means trekking to work, but, hey, we like money, right?).

Happy writing!


  1. Good luck with WUR. I know you’ll be getting that out the door soon.

    I’m glad you mentioned Arrival. I’ve been wanting to see that movie and wasn’t sure how good it would be. It looked good in the previews, but with hubby and I trying to save money, we only pick out the best to watch in the theater and save the rest for Redbox. I might want to see this on the big screen.

    And I want to say that blood orange lemonade sounds awesome! I would totally love that!

    • Personally, I think it would be well worth the splurge (and a good splurge is important every once in awhile). The visuals and the cinematography is absolutely astounding in Arrival; it was dizzying at some points, and you probably wouldn’t get that on a small screen. Heck, the theater we went to is an older one, so the screens aren’t as nice as some of the others in the area, so I can’t even imagine what it would have been like in one of the really boffo ones. Highly, highly recommended. So, so good.

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