A Quiet Week.

Maybe it’s just the soft autumn rain and the cooling of temperatures that have come with the beginning of October, but this last week has seemed like a pretty quiet one, though I suppose a lot has happened. After seven months, I now find myself with a little more time on my hand because the boyfriend has his driver’s licence again and I no longer have to be the one to drive our asses everywhere, which means that I had my first truly off day off yesterday. It was a bit of a disaster because I’ve never tried going to the laundromat on a Sunday before and learned that the lesson is DON’T, especially not when there’s a street carnival going on that day. I have to adjust to a few things (when do I do my grocery shopping now? I did it when I had to drop him off because our work is a lot closer to all the good grocery stores and I had making “extra trips”), but it’s going to be really nice, and, hopefully, beneficial to my writing.

Speaking of which, allow me to hop into the Monday Recap:

Reading: Finally got a book finished last week, and the winner ended up being Jeffrey Eugenides’s The Marriage Plot, which was very Eugenides (which is good, because I love his work). It had some of the most stirring descriptions of manic depression I think I’ve ever read, so I could relate to a lot of it, and I got pretty invested. It built up a certain way that made me declare that if it ended like this, then it would ruin everything I enjoyed about it, and it didn’t end up like that, so that made me pleased as punch. I’d definitely recommend it to any liberal arts major, anyone who suffers from or loves someone who suffers from depression, and anyone who likes Vampire Weekend. Because it was pretty much a Vampire Weekend song in novel form.

(I really like Vampire Weekend).

This week, I finally cracked open my Women of Wonder: The Classic Years anthology, which I’m stoked about, because it’s important to know your roots, y’all! I’m hoping it really charges me up for some of the sci fi pieces I’ve been working on. And I’ve still got Night Train to Memphis on my “To Finish Next” list, but, ugh. Why do I torture myself this way?

Writing: Some of you may have noticed via my post yesterday that Alban Lake Press’s Potter’s Field 6 is now available for purchase. They’ve printed my story “Sleepwalker,” which is a tale I’m particularly proud of, so if you get the chance, please check it out. It’s a good one! Although I guess I am pretty biased…

We’re also in October, which means it’s the last month to get your submissions in for Volume III of the World Unknown Review. Keep ’em coming, folks! Last years numbers have already been completely demolished, so I’m really thrilled by how this volume might shape up.

Only three rejections this week, which had me sweating a little as I’m running out of material and haven’t been writing as much since I was focusing on getting “Pipsqueak” finished for Less than Three Press‘s Heart of Steel anthology. But that’s why flash fiction is so great. Weeks without a lot of material to send out challenges me to see what I can come up with in a short hour, and I was able to start some things that, if they don’t immediately take off, can be developed into really great stuff later. With the rejections, though, I finally got my first acceptance since I started keeping track in August! So keep an eye out for my story “The Conspiracy Theorist Next Door” on Noise Medium later this month! And “The Alley” will be on the Saturday Evening Post‘s website this Friday. Yeah, October’s been a really good month for me so far!

‘Rithmatic: In an effort to try to get the scale to move (which it still hasn’t), I’ve been trying to cut off eating at eight o’clock. I was doing pretty well on it, too, until my boyfriend came home from his late shift last night with Taco Bell. I didn’t get a walk in this week, either, mostly due to weather and also due to the fact that my favorite spot is an “extra drive,” too, which worked great when I had to drop the boyfriend off, but is a little harder to justify when I’m not already driving out there for something. I still need to figure out what I’m doing for winter exercise, anyway.

That’s it for the wrap-up this week, kids! I think it’s going to be a good week ahead. What’s everyone else got going on?

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