Interview: Max Booth III & Lori Michelle talk PMMP

This is my first time using the reblog feature on WordPress instead of just posting a link, but I just got finished reading this really great interview with Max Booth III and Lori Michelle at Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, a small press I’m paying a bit more attention to lately. I have a story in their ether there at the moment, and they’ve definitely caught my interest as a possible venue for Rosewood Manor when it gets finished. The passion and realism that these two have toward the industry is really refreshing and relatable to me as I put on my editor/publisher hat for World Unknown Review Volume III. So go ahead and check it out, if you get the chance. I found it a really great read that had my head bobbing along in agreement the whole time.

Grim Reader Reviews

weblogo.pngI recently had a sit down with Max Booth III and Lori Michelle to talk about their adventures with Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing (Is this the longest named publisher in the industry?). Anyway, Max and Lori at PMMP have been grafting away since the summer of 2012 releasing a string of quality books that range from crime to horror to fantasy and pretty much everything in between. They also publish a quarterly horror fiction magazine called DARK MOON DIGEST. Issue #23 has recently been released and features 110 pages of bone-chilling horror, plus non-fiction by Jay Wilburn and an excerpt from Bob Pastorella’s excellent weird crime novella MOJO RISING. August 2nd saw the release of a horror anthology from PMMP called LOST SIGNALS. There are some great names included in this release including John C. Foster, James Newman, Mathew M. Bartlett and Damien Angelica Walters. The theme of the anthology…

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