Monday Morning Reset.

My favorite day of the week is here! The prospect of new things is always an enticing thing, so I think my latest habit of a “clean slate” on Mondays is really helping to keep me motivated and excited about what I’m working on by introducing new things into the mix and hopefully finishing up on others.

The current reading line-up

Reading: As predicted, I was able to finish up The Color Purple by Alice Walker, which was really quite lovely and not at all what I expected. This week, I’m going to try to focus on finishing up Lawrence Watt-Evans little fantasy jaunt, With a Single Spell, although it ticks a lot of boxes on the List of Things that Annoy Me in Books. I’m really excited to crack into Karen Russell’s Vampires in the Lemon Grove for my new book this week. I’ve been itching to get at it since I bought it, especially since I remember reading the titular short story in college and thinking it was brilliant. It’ll be interesting to see if I feel the same way and what else Russell has to offer.

Writing: I don’t believe I finished any new short stories this week, which is an “oops” on my part, since I remember telling myself to make that a goal, just like finishing reading a book each week is a goal. Oh well. I’m making good progress on a few and even got over a little hump that was stagnating Fearless a bit. Looking over the body of WIPs, actually, I’m noticing a lot of novels at the moment, so those definitely aren’t going to be finished any time soon, but I’ve got about three short stories that are almost there, so I’ll have to focus on one of those this week. My new story for the week started out as a potential submission for On the Premises‘s “Darkness” themed issue, but it took a decidedly different turn as I scribbled it out this morning.

‘Rithmatic: Weight has been maintained; no up or down from last week, which isn’t too surprising. I’ve been cutting back on the late-night snacking a lot more, but I haven’t had much time for my hiking lately. Next week, I somehow scored four days off, which will be very sad for my bank account, but very awesome for my nature walks. I’ve also decided to keep better track of my submissions to acceptance ratio, inspired a little by Kim Liao’s “Why You Should Aim for 100 Rejections a Year” article on LitHub. As of August 15th, I’ve had 0 acceptances and 6 rejections. That’s practically a rejection a day, so I’m pretty much killing it.

I’ve managed to keep up the Mondays off of work thing (which I’m thinking of asking my supervisor to make an actual steady thing instead of just relying on the incredible luck of the draw I’ve been having), and today is going to be filled with grocery shopping, a little bit of a jaunt at the Salt Creek Trail, and then maybe a little bit of Final Fantasy IX. It’s going to be a great day, which will hopefully be the start of an even better week.

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