An Interview with Helen Mijahlovic. [WUR 2015]

After a very long two months, I have finally had the chance to conduct my well-overdue interview with the very patient Helen Mihajlovic, whose story in last year’s World Unknown Review took us back to an old classic in a new way. And here I thought the wait for last interview was bad! Well, here it is, finally, my interview with Helen, to talk a little bit about herself and her featured story for August, “The Melancholy of Devotion.”

Who is Helen Mihajlovic?

A good person obsessed with the horror genre. I love classic horror books such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Stoker’s Dracula, and Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I love old horror films, like the 1920s silent film Nosferatu and a lot of the Hammer Horror films with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Recently I have become obsessed with Hitchcock’s Psycho. My other interests include theatre, art galleries, ballet and opera.

How did you discover the World Unknown Review, and what inspired you to submit your story, “The Melancholy of Devotion”?

I think World Unknown Review is a book filled with interesting and intelligent stories. I chose my story ‘The Melancholy of Devotion’ because it is set in the 31 st century in a gothic world; the future is a world unknown to all, similar to the title of the book. Also I found the first volume of World Unknown Review intriguing after seeing it on the Internet and was honoured that my story was included in volume II.

Now Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is one of my favourite books of all time, which immediately endeared your story to my heart. What’s your own personal connection with that classic tale of reanimation and horror, if any?

Mary’s Shelley’s Frankenstein has had a huge impact on my writing; she’s one of my favourite writers. I love her poetic writing style. She has written a book with a great horror monster and with lots of intelligent themes. One of my favourite characters is Victor Frankenstein, he’s such a passionate, obsessed and almost mad character which makes him so interesting to read about. When I get writer’s block I always refer to her writing, it’s like a writing guide for me.

Who would play your main characters in a film version of your story?

My favourite actress Glenn Close would play Elizabeth and I like John Malkovich or Christoph Waltz as Dante. I am an independent filmmaker and would love to be the Director of the film. My horror films can be viewed online, my last short film was ‘Dominica- A Tale of Horror’, it can be described as being similar to Crimson Peak.

Tell us about the last book you read.

I read the short story ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ by Irving. It is in the anthology Chilling Ghost Short Stories. I love the warped ending. It’s an ending you don’t expect. There are too many happily ever after endings where everything is tied up with a perfect ribbon. I like it when writers do something different.

What’s next for Helen Mihajlovic?

I am currently writing a disturbing ghost story and I am working on my first horror novella.

Where might we be able find more of your work?

Many of my stories have been published with Horror Novel Review. If you google ‘Helen Mihajlovic Horror Novel Review’ you can read some of my stories for free; including ‘A Sinister Nature’ and ‘A Dark Love Story’ which has just been made into a short film.


And that’s it for now! I’d like to thank Helen Mihajlovic for letting me pick at her brain a little bit, as well as for her unending patience with me. It was a long, bumpy road to get here, but we finally made it! So please, go do yourself a favor and read her story, “The Melancholy of Devotion,” in the Featured Story tab and consider picking up a copy of World Unknown Review Volume II to read even more great stories.

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