Editor Mode: ACTIVATE.

Those of you who are paying attention know that it’s August, which means I’m going to start talking about the World Unknown Review a lot these next couple months. August is when I really start to hone in and focus on getting submissions and reading them, leaving a good solid three months before the October 31st deadline. As of right now, I’ve only had two authors submit, which always makes me a little worried, but it’s still early and I haven’t even been promoting it in the usual circles yet. Another thing is that I’ve spent so long in writer mode that I sometimes forget how to switch gears into editor mode. I love editor mode.

Lo and behold, this wonderful article by Marissa Landrigan from Barrelhouse (which has a place on the list of “Journals that have Rejected Me,” probably with good reason) shows up in my emails. Granted, WUR is no where near the level that Barrelhouse is (yet!), but it makes me feel like I’m definitely doing something right if I can relate so much to nearly all of her points, just at a much smaller volume. And it kicked me right into Editor Mode, with all the marvel for how there can be so many great stories out there and that some people would honor me, of all people, to send it to and consider for publication, as well as the pain of having to turn down a story you like for one reason or another or sitting through pieces that just don’t really move you as much as you hope that they will. And how it really all just comes down to stories that we like, balanced with an appreciation of the craft of a well-written story.

It’s really a great, honest, and quick peek into my experiences as an editor so far, and some nice validation that if my experiences as an editor at my lowly level right now mirror the experiences of someone much more experienced, then World Unknown Review is on the right path. It’s not perfect, but I’m improving my scope every year as a learning experience, and I have the utmost gratitude for my WUR writers and contributors for joining me on this learning journey.

So, in conclusion: come on! Give me some stuff to read to help keep my Editor Mode running!

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