The Case of the Disappearing Blog.

Well, hello there, strangers. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Don’t worry; I assure you that I’m still out there, somewhere, scribbling words and losing track of too many ideas. And I’m back for another attempt to breathe life back into my blog and my web presence, in the flailing struggle that has ensued since my computer died several months ago. You never realize how dependent you are on one of those things until you don’t have regular access to one, and how easy they can make your life! I’m still computerless due to a very tight budget, but I realized I needed to start focusing on getting some traction here online again, especially with the start of World Unknown Review submission season coming up.

On the bright side, I haven’t been completely slacking off in the meantime. What time used to be spent blogging and reading other people’s blogs has been spent writing lots and lots and lots of stories. This has easily been my most productive writing time I’ve had in a while, getting out about a new story every week, while also touching up on various novels (including, of course, the very delayed Fearless). So productive, in fact, that I’ve finally scored myself a publication credit for this year! Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook know that I’ve had my short story, “Sleepwalker,” accepted for publication in Alban Lake Press’s Potter’s Field Six. I’m super stoked because this particular story took a very special place in my heart, pulling at all my emotions and allowing me to really step into the skin of another person for a little bit, which is truly the crux of really great storytelling.

Speaking of Facebook, I have also been more active on social media, thanks to the convenience of smartphone apps. It’s just so much easier to post stuff to Facebook or Instagram than to write up a blog post from my phone! So I definitely invite anyone who’s interested to connect with me there. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat (username lsengler, of course!). I’m more active on some than others…I’m looking at you, Tumblr. But, please, let’s connect and be friends! It’s a much more efficient way for me to keep in touch with everyone at the moment.

That said, I want to get back to my interviews and featured stories soon, especially to help promote World Unknown Review Volume III, which is definitely accepting submissions right now and would love to see what you have.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to check in, say hi, be productive in my work computer time to drop off a post while I try to find out where my zip drive with all my stories disappeared to, since that’s kind of important right now. I’m trying not to have a panic attack, because there’s a lot of work on that little guy, and I bet I left it here one day. Whoopsies!

How’s everyone else doing? I feel like it’s been ages!


  1. Welcome back, Laura! Been busy on my end, too. I’m taking an online Photoshop class by a well-known photographer and digital artist, Sebastian Michaels. It’s a year-long class and I am learning so much and loving it! Happy to hear that you are doing well with your writing.

    I just ordered a new laptop as the one I have now is having more and more problems lately. I have been without a few times. Creating had to come to a halt which is so hard for me not to have that outlet. My portable hard drive also went on the blitz and I was, fortunately, able to have everything saved by a computer repair shop.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to when you are ready for “Fearless”! Have a wonderful and creative weekend!



    • Thanks, Ingrid! Yeah, it kind of sucks that we’re so dependent on various technology for our art, but there it is, all the same. Just got to keep reminding myself that it’s an investment above all else!

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