What to Write?

One of the most profound struggles I have regarding this blog and my current computer-less status is that I feel that, whenever I do have access to a computer at work while waiting for my boyfriend to finish his shift, I know I should use the time to write up a post, but I very rarely feel I have anything I could write about. It doesn’t help that this time is usually after a seven or eight hour shift of my own, leaving me a bit brain dead and dumb. But there are always little updates and tidbits I could throw together, to just let everyone know I’m still here and chugging along.

Actually, the lack of a computer has been a bit of a blessing. Without the distractions of the blog or emails in my morning routine, I’m churning out some amazing stuff. I’m going through some older notebooks and breathing new life into old stories left by the wayside while I worked on The Slayer Saga.

Speaking of The Slayer Saga, I’m afraid Fearless is definitely going to be delayed until next year. Not only am I lacking in finances to cover the costs of producing it right now, but I didn’t meet my deadlines for my draft, and, while I could probably still “get it done in time,” I know I wouldn’t be pleased with the results. I’d rather take the time to make it the best conclusion to the series I possibly could than just get something out because I set an arbitrary deadline for myself. My readers, few as they are, deserve the best book I can give them, even if that means waiting until 2017.

That leaves me to try to decide if I should put together some of the short stories I’ve been having trouble placing in another collection, thus keeping up with the “two publications a year” goal I set back in 2012, or if I should just forget restrictions and just publish things when they want to be published.

World Unknown Review will still continue as usual. I’ve already got a few stories trickling in, and hopefully a lot more when I start to promote it more later in the summer. If you’ve got some stories hanging around, send them my way! We’d love to give them a look.

And, apparently, Sinead O’Connor went missing and was then promptly found today in Illinois. It was the weirdest little blip of news, and I didn’t even know she lived out here.

So, there’s some little bits and blurbs for the moment. How’s everyone else been doing? Read any good books or stories lately?

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