Of Walks and Words and Worries. [A RoW80 Post]

Spring has finally decided to stick around Chicagoland lately, which means that I’ve been able to get out and start walking again. Last year, when I started my journey for a healthier me, watching my diet and all this walking helped me lose about thirty pounds. I gained a little bit over the winter, what with it being so cold and all, but now I’m ready to focus and try to drop another thirty. Not only is the exercize good for me on the physical health level, it’s also been fantastic for my mental health, too. I’m afraid the boyfriend and I have run into a little bit of some money issues, so things are super tight and a little stressful, so the walks help me keep sane as everything seems to be spiraling a little out of control. Besides, it saves a little in gas money since I’m mostly walking to the nearby grocery store to pick up things we might need that day.

What does this have to do with RoW80? Not much, really. I just mostly wanted to mention it, because it’s just been so damn lovely. Things with my goals for the “writing challenge that knows you have a life” has been pretty lovely, too. And everyone leaving all the wonderful comments encouraging me and telling me I’m juggling so much so well: first of all, thank you! And second of all, I think you’re all crazy because all I can think is, “UGH, I NEED TO BE DOING MORE, BUT WHAT? HOW?”

*Ahem* I am a strange mix of a workaholic perfectionist and a lazy-ass son of a bitch. Anyway, here’s Wonderwall my goals:

Monthly Goal: Finish Fearless by the end of April. It’s starting to feel a little dodgy, but I know that, when I do work on it, I’ve been getting a lot of pages down, so there might actually be a chance if I start scheduling some mega-work sessions when we get a little closer to the deadline. The biggest problem is that the next new King’s Quest chapter comes out April 26, so I’m going to be mighty distracted by that.

Weekly Goal: Read one book a week; write one new short story a week. Finished Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes last week, though I haven’t decided what I’m going to focus on finishing next. It’ll either be Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon or Kurt Vonnegut’s Galapagos. As far as my story goes, I got a good start on one, but I’m running into the problem of not knowing quite where it’s going. I might need to think about it a little bit more this coming week and maybe try to spit out a flash or something to be this week’s story.

Hey, I also managed to get a non-RoW post up, too! Go me!

Daily(ish) Goals: Submit one story per non-word day. Three days off=three stories shipped off, including last week’s new story, “Victory.” Now we play the waiting game…

The waiting game sucks. Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

How’s everyone else doing out there? Get a chance to check in with my fellow RoWers here yet? You should!


  1. Good for you on the walking! I just started walking again with the hubby, and it’s been really nice. Haven’t seen any weight loss, but we’re not doing too much to start because I need to start slow. I’m sure it will come.

    Looks like you did well this week. 🙂

  2. Looks like you are powering through your goals. Sorry to hear about the sorry state of the finances though. Hopefully that takes a turn for the better soon. Here’s wishing you a fantastic week.

  3. ” I am a strange mix of a workaholic perfectionist and a lazy-ass son of a bitch.”

    Ditto! I say that I am a sloth pretending to be an ant 😛

    I especially commend your short story progress, because I am utter crap at meeting my short story goals. I just never know where any of them should go and I stare at a blank page hen-pecking a few terrible words before saying “ugh, I’ve got nothing” and moseying away.

  4. I’m with you on the Hungry Hungry Hippos…

    The work-a-holic/slug combo seems to attack a lot of us. With me, it’s when my Shiny-Shiny kicks in and I already have a comfortably full plate, but I feel like I could add just one more little thing and suddenly the house of cards just falls over. Instead of picking myself back up and getting something (anything) done, I loll for a while feeling sorry for myself and wishing it was all fixed.

    Not saying that’s what’s happened with you–you’ve been sick and no matter if the brain says “let’s go”, sometimes the brain is an idiot. (Sometimes the body is too.) Try slowly adding that one more thing instead of a whole goal.

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