No Foolin’, there’s a New Featured Story!

It’s a brand new month, which means a brand new featured story from the 2015 World Unknown Review. This month, I bring you a quirky little bit of speculative fiction from the wonderful Luther M. Siler called “Nanos Khund and the Traveler.” I’ll hopefully have an interview with Luther cropping up here on the blog soon, but, in the meantime, check out this Gaiman-esque tale that caught me with its ability to swiftly immerse me into a new world and then just as swiftly blow that world wide open to all sorts of intriguing possibilities.

Meanwhile, my computer is still being a frustrating mess, limiting me a little on my productiveness, despite my clear desire to want to get stuff done. I can get maybe two or three hours done before it starts getting wonky, which has been working out fairly well, because, by then, the boyfriend is up and distracting me anyway. I’m hoping to start getting some work done at night before bed, too, so that’ll help. And when the computer starts flaking out on me, then I can get some reading done, as I’m really killing it on my book count so far this year.

I’m still behind on Fearless compared to where I was with Heartless at this time last year, but still on track to finish the draft by my deadline of April. I’m almost finished with the first notebook and plan to start typing up the earlier stuff, too. We’ve just entered the high-octane endgame, which is incredibly exciting, and I’m stoked to put all these pieces I’ve been planning into action. It’s going to be a wild ride, and it’s pretty amazing to think that the trilogy will almost be over soon. And then what do I work on? But that’s something to focus on after August. One step at a time!

The story I had shortlisted for Neoglyphic’s Neoverse Writing Competition unfortunately did not make it to the winner’s circle, but I’m still pleased as punch that it got as far as it did. “Red and White” was a story I was just about to give up on, and now I know that I’m not crazy in thinking it has merit. It just needs to find the right person at the right time (or simply be featured when I decide to do another short story collection like Bowlful of Bunnies). And I still have another story for consideration with a spec fic mag, so I’ve still got something to be nervous about. I’m hoping to brush up and send out more stories again, too,, but it’s tricky with the computer acting up.

And I just looked out my window to see that it’s snowing. So that’s fun.

How’s everyone else been doing? Want to join me in a collective defenistration of frustrating laptops?

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