New Featured Story!

Happy February, everyone! I’m pretty stoked about this month because it’s the month I get my new apartment (we get the keys in only three more days!). It’s also a new month, which is always bright and exciting, because it means a new Featured Story from last year’s World Unknown Review.

This month, we’re featuring the second story in the Review, a chilling piece about a haunted music score from Austrian author Russell Proctor called “First Symphony“. Keep an eye out for my interview with Russell in the next few days. This man has experienced quite the interesting life, and it’s been an honor to have him as part of the WUR family.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out last year’s review, the eBook version is less than a buck, so please check it out. The paperback is a bit more, but it’s a pretty neat book to have, if I do say so myself. Russell’s story is just one of many great ones you’ll discover inside. You might even discover a new favorite!

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