A Free Book that’s worth a whole lot more.

It looks like my buddy Luther M. Siler is offering his book, Searching for Malumba, for free today and tomorrow, and I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. I had the distinct privilege of reading a beta copy of this collection of blog posts about the crazy world of teaching, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He even used my quote on the back of the print version, where I said something to the effect that it ran the full range of emotions: there are so many laugh-out-loud moments in his teaching adventures, but there are also moments that will make your heart ache for the inequities in the American public school systems, especially for the kids who so often get the worst of it. I still owe him an interview about the damn thing, but, you know…life.

Please check it out! It’s a great, entertaining, hefty read that’s worth way more than what you can get it for today. Or, even better, wait a few days and buy it at regular price to help support a great writer.

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