Today, I come bearing great and terrifying news. One of my goals for the year was to relocate to a new apartment, just my boyfriend and myself, instead of the frat party bachelor pad we’ve been kicking it for a while. I was projecting for this happen around April, especially since I don’t exactly like the idea of moving during a harsh Chicagoland winter, but, since life rarely listens to things like plans, things occurred that landed us in the pleasant predicament of signing a lease for a charming as hell little studio apartment on the third floor of a building that kind of looks like a castle. It’s a building a drive by nearly every day on my way to work, and I’ve always thought it would be incredible to live there. And on February 5th, I WILL BE.

I’m absolutely stoked, but also a little nervous just because this is happening way too fast for my comfort. I was planning on having a few more month’s worth of income saved up before we took this plunge, but we both fell in love with this place the moment we saw it and the rent is right in our comfort zone. And heating is free, which is perfect going into February. Our current apartment has free heat, too, but the windows are old as fuck and the draftiness kind of negates that; new place has completely brand new windows. And a little fireplace (although it’s not a working fireplace, it’s a great decorative feature). And it’s a corner unit, looking over a very quaint little suburb with a beautiful church across the street and a great little seating bench built right into the sweet corner window. Ahhhhhhh! We couldn’t say no. We couldn’t. A month or two of frugal living while we get back up to speed will be so completely worth it.

Although, of course, just as we make a huge step in life that puts a little bit of stress on the bank account, the cold completely kills my car battery again and I have to deal with that little bit of fun and my own stupidity for not getting it fixed the first time it started dying.

But did I mention it looks kind of like a castle? A CASTLE.

I may be a little excited. Can it be February 5th yet?


    • Oh, believe you me, there will be pictures. So many pictures. Before pictures, after pictures, and there’s so much natural light flooding in that there’s going to be lots and lots of “cats sitting in the sunlight” pictures.

    • Oh, you’re going to love it, too. Not exactly a “big house,” but it’s really quaint and adorable. And not a place I’d be embarrassed to have you guys come and visit, either (although there’s definitely no room for people to stay). It’s walking distance from the train and the zoo, too, which’ll be great for when Frank, Christina, and the kids visit!

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