Is WordPress telling me to shut up?

Lately, I’ve been running into some problems with WordPress whenever I try to make a longer post. I don’t know if it’s WP itself or it’s just my incredibly outdated and often slow laptop, but it always freezing up when I hits around 400 words. Has anyone else been experiencing anything like that? Or do I just need to cease being so verbose and keep my posts neatly under 350 words (for a little buffer space).

Apparently, I just have a lot to say about The Invisible Man, my almost finished post that I can work on about one word at a time, so maybe it’ll be done by the end of the week, because who has time for that?

I just can’t write short posts, though. I feel like I’m shortchanging people. So have a little bit of an update: I’m chugging along nicely with The Slayer Saga: Fearless, though I’m way behind where I was last year. I’m almost finished with the tentatively titled “Ursula,” which will be my submission for this season’s The First Line, and I’m waiting patiently for February and the arrival of the new issue of Ghostlight, which will include my short story “Spring Thaw.”

There, WordPress. Is that short enough for ya?


  1. The problem could be your laptop, or your browser. You might try using a different browser and see if that helps. You probably have a ton of stuff on your laptop, if it’s an old one; you might think about uninstalling software you aren’t using and relocating files (i.e. copy them to a flash drive and deleting them from your hard drive) you don’t need immediately. I’m assuming you’re running Windows; it uses a swap file on the hard drive that might be having trouble finding space and locking you up.

    And maybe it’s time for a new laptop… ?

    • Yeah, I’m about 80% sure it’s the laptop. It was a cheap one when I got it several years ago, so it’s probably time for an upgrade. I’ll have to keep plugging along with this one, though, unless some money magically drops into my lap some time in the near future.

      Fingers crossed!

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